Sunday, 9 August 2015

Gas Bottles

Gas bottles sit outside your house and feed gas through your home
And they're useful to carry with you if camping's where you'll roam
What I'd like to tell you all today is how gas bottles are just like us
They're absolutely useless for your family if inside they hold no gas.

And I'm useless for God's purpose if His life lives not in me
So as a Christian I should strive to be as filled up as I can be.
Cause that's how for my Jesus I can be of utmost use
When the gas bottle of His life in me is filled up with His juice!

But then, I think, complacency is what some Christians feel
They're filled with Jesus's gas and He to them is very real
However sometimes they neglect to give. Their gas is just their own
They hold it tightly to themselves as they sit back at home.

What they've not seen, my dear, dear friend, is a bottle full of gas
Attached to just one house can only have just so much use
Now if you take a bottle of gas, and pour it on the ground
And hold a match up to the gas, strike it, now listen to the sound!

The gas goes 'whoof!' And there you have, a cosy, warm bonfire
That all the neighbours, friends and whanau can all gather round to share.
But the thing that gas needed to do was give itself away
So the community was blessed by its unselfish display.

It's easy to keep our gas, that is, the life of our great King
We hold it tight, cause after all, it's worth more than anything!
But Jesus's love and what He did was done so we could share
This 'gas' we have and what we've learnt with people everywhere.

written on the 6th of August 2015

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