Monday, 8 June 2015

A Bit of a Random Post + Information on Changes

Good morning, friends!

This is going to be a bit of a random post, so please, bear with me!

I wanted to share these photos with you because I think they are awesome!! :) So on the camp I was at last week, we played fire soccer. Fire soccer is basically soccer with the ball set on fire. It's quite scary to watch, but fun to play, I'm told!

Unfortunately I could only watch and take photos. I couldn't play because I had sprained my ankle. A week later, I'm still hobbling around everywhere! It's a bit annoying but oh well, that's life.

My handsome brothers posing in their hockey uniforms

Don't you just love this?? Jana and I in our matching purple stripy tops. :) :) 

Annndddd.... Jana and I again because I love this photo!
So some of you may have noticed, and some of you may not have, but I've recently updated all my blog's pages.
I've got a new page entitled: "Blog Purpose + Why This Blog Exists" which sort of sets out my mission statement and reason(s) for having a blog. I love this page. I think it clarifies exactly why I do what I do quite nicely. Have a look at it and let me know what you think!
I've got a new page entitled: "Blog Post Directory" which is something I've been wanting to do for ages but haven't gotten round to it! It's a directory which includes a long list of a lot of my favourite /most popular posts, and it's a list that will constantly grow as I continue to blog. I love this directory because it has all my 'best' (in my opinion, anyway!) posts. And it's easy to find something. Everything is neatly categorised in an orderly manner. Do check it out. You might find something interesting you haven't read before.
I've updated my 'About' page, and given it a new title: "The Girl Behind The Blog". The new page is similar to the old one, but it's subtley different and new. I like it. Have a look.
I've also updated and modified my "Meet My Family" page. It still has the same title because I couldn't think of a title I liked more. :) I have some new photos of some of my family members, and a few other little changes here and there.
The last modification was to my guestbook. Now, I had originally had that as a sort of random page, with people invited to comment when they discovered it. So I had about fifty comments of people saying they had found it. A while ago I decided that was a bit silly, so I updated it to be a guestbook. I thought since I already had like fifty 'signatures' to that page, I could make it a guestbook and have a sort of headstart!! But the problem with that was that all the new readers who came along became confused. So I've deleted all the "I found this page" comments, kept the ones that are still relevant and revamped the page. :) I've also given it a new title, "Ze Book for Ze Guests" because I wanted something a bit different from your average 'Guestbook'. Do head on over there and 'sign' it.
Thank you so much, dear readers, for your patience while I was revamping and changing up my pages. I'm so happy with the new (and newly refreshed old) pages!
I considered doing a 'contact' page, but I didn't in the end, for several reasons. One, because I already have a contact form on my sidebar, and two, because no one EVER uses that contact form so I figure a page for a contact form would be used just as seldom, and three, because I can never find a contact form host that I like using. ;)
One thing I wondered about with my new pages was what pages to have in there. So here's my question for you. Is there anything else/different you'd like to see? What sort of pages do readers like? I'd love to hear your thoughts on what pages to have. After all, this blog is for you, so let me know what you'd like.

Sophie working some magic in the kitchen

A beautiful sunset we had recently

I thought there were way more photos on the camera that I could put in this post, but obviously not. So you'll just have to content yourselves with these. :)
I'd like to leave you with a thought/quote that has been following me around recently:

"Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words."
-Francis of Assisi
Don't forget to leave me a comment and let me know what you think about all the changes!

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  1. Hi Bonnie,
    I love all the new changes you did. I contacted you on your form and asked you a question. Did you see it?
    I think you should do more awkward and awesome posts, because I love those! They're really funny!
    And I think you should have a giveaway soon, and giveaway a really good book. ;) Or anything you like. :) Um, more post suggestions are the ones you write, like, for instance, the one you wrote about God having all the love languagues. Yeah. Those. I like reading them. :)

    1. No, I didn't see it! How long ago was that???

      Maybe you should try again!

      I'm considering doing a giveaway. I'll have a wee think about it and see if I come up with anything. I just might do one.

      Thank you for your suggestions! I like Awkward and awesome posts, too.

    2. I just sent another email using your contact form. ;)

      I really hope you do. If you would like some suggestions, I know a few awesome books that you would probably love! Let me know if you would like to hear them. :)

    3. Got that one. :) And the previous one actually.

  2. What happened to the latest post? I wanted to comment on it! I'll put my comment here then. In my bedroom, I have one brother, 18 of my baby teeth, about 50 empty matchboxes, a bunch of board games and jigsaw puzzles, and about ten detailed paper models. However the most floor space is occupied by 40,000 LEGO pieces :D

    1. So I accidentally published the latest post, it wasn't supposed to be live for a couple of days yet. :P So I unpublished it, which is why you can't see it anymore. My apologies.

      Thanks for commenting!


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