Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Recently: Mini Golf + Mother's Day

I was taking some photos off the camera the other day and I discovered a whole bunch of photos from a few weeks ago, when we went mini golfing. I also found all the photos from our Mother's Day afternoon outing. So I thought you might like to see them. :)

First up we have all the mini golfing photos. A friend gave us vouchers for all of us to go mini golfing as a Christmas present. It was great fun!

Danella, Sophie and Lydia

Daddy (with Jana on the back) helps Jacob

Lydia and I wait for our turn

Sophie and Danella

Caleb, Johnny and Ben

Now we have photos of everyone putting. :) I tried to get one individual photo of everyone. This is Ben.







Yours truly


Daddy and Jana

Now we come to the photos from our Mother's Day outing to the Groynes. We had lots of fun, as you'll probably see for yourself very shortly. :)

Ben and the ducks

Lydia walking round the lake to get to the paddle boats

A little side culvert

One of the lakes - so beautiful!!

It was just gorgeous. :) I took far too many photos.

Little Jana: "What's going on?"

Johnny, Caleb, Lydia, Jacob, Ben

Paddle boating!

Sophie and Jana

Jacob at the playground

And the best for last.... my favourite photo. The two most wonderful parents in the whole entire world. <3

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  1. Little Jana is adorable<3 By the way, I love your mum's shoes in the golfing pictures!!

    1. I think so too! :) Thanks! I'll pass that on.

  2. I love all the pictures! Looks like lots of fun. :) Jana is so cute!

  3. Hey Bonnie, I was just wondering, how many followers do you have of your blog now? :)

    I don't follow any blogs, but just check them regularly, but I'd be interested to know how many you know have. :D

    1. 19 official followers. :)

      And lots more 'lurkers' such as yourself.


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