Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I can't change the past... but....

Treasure of my heart and of my soul
In my weakness You are merciful
Redeemer of my past and present wrongs
Holder of my future days to come

(from 'Your Presence is Heaven', by Darlene Zschech)

Someone told me something recently (and I don't want to go into details, so I won't), and it related to something I'd done in the past. It was a silly thing that I hadn't even thought was major. I was really surprised to discover that someone I know who was there at the time hasn't forgotten it and has formed a certain opinion of me because of it. 

I can't change the past. Sometimes I would like to, because it would make some stuff a lot easier!! But I can't change the past.

There's nothing really that I can do about this situation, either. I can't change the past, and I can't change how people feel about me. 

So this was sort of what I was thinking about when we sang this song (at the top of the post) on Church on Sunday. And it struck me.

God is the Redeemer of my past and present wrongs.

No matter what I've done in the past, no matter what you've done in the past... God is the Redeemer of it all. You are forgiven of it all. He wipes it clean and remembers it no more. 

Other people might remember what I've done. And there are still consequences of my actions... that other person will likely always have a certain opinion of me. 

But God won't. 

Isaiah 43:25 (NIV)
 “I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.

We are humans. We make mistakes. We say and do silly things that make us afterward facepalm and be like, "Why on earth did I say that?!?"

God is a forgiving God. 

No matter what silly things you've done in your past (I've done heaps!!!) God is able to forgive. And forget. Forever.

I'm so grateful for that.
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  1. I can totally relate to this, Bonnie!
    I asked you on my blog if you would like me to give you another entry because you follow my blog?
    If you could, please reply back soon. :)
    Thank you!

    1. Replied. :) Thanks for letting me know.

    2. My pleasure!

      Hey Bonnie,

      What should I do if someone brings up something I did years ago? I don't like to remember it, and I know God has forgiven me. The person said they forgave me, but sometimes they bring it up.


    3. Hi Ashley!
      This is a tricky situation.

      God has forgiven you.
      However, the consequences of your actions still remain. I'd be thankful that the other person brings it up sometimes - it helps you remember that God's forgiveness is wonderful, and it helps you remember not to make the same mistake again.

      You could, of course, mention to the person that you really don't like them bringing the matter up. You could tell them that since God's forgiven you, you now want to put the past behind you.

      Praying for you. :)

    4. Hi Bonnie,

      Thanks for your advice. :) And thank you for praying for me.
      Love your sister in Jesus,


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