Monday, 13 April 2015


Recently some of the members of my family went to Purau Bay for the afternoon. Those of us who went had lots of fun poking around there, building a dam, going for walks, canoeing and swimming.

Lydia, Caleb, Jacob and Ben having fun

Caleb and Lydia

Jana having lots of fun

And even more fun!

Mum and Dad looking on while Lydia and Jacob dam the creek

Ben and Johnny canoeing


That's the end of the Purau photos. Here are a few random ones of our garden recently.

The rasperry bushes, grapevine, and raised garden

Some beautiful blue flowers, I'm not sure what they are but I love them :)


Some of our blackboy peaches, before they ripened and fell. (Which they did a few weeks ago.)

Danella painting some stones (okay, yeah, whatever, I know she's not part of our garden :P)

What have you and your family been up to?
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P.S. I will be going on camp from the 13th of April for a week or so, so all posts between now and until I give further notice are scheduled. :)

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