Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A + A // In Which I Present To You What May Save Your Life One Day

- Getting quite badly sunburnt on the one side of my face, neck and arm which was in the sun. Half of me is now red.
- Speaking of getting sunburnt, I have a super bad watch tan line where I always wear my watch. It's just this stripe of pale skin across my wrist. I don't wear my watch while I'm working (but I wear it pretty much everywhere apart from that), and I occasionally get the odd customer who comments on my watch tan line. Slightly awkward.
- Mending a pair of mittens. I had the mitten on my right hand, and was trying to sew up one of the fingers with the needle in my left hand. It was rather difficult (I'm right handed). Danella was watching me and my struggle. Eventually she said, "Why don't you have the mitten on your left hand and sew it up with the right?" I mean, like, seriously? I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T THINK OF THAT! I was struggling along like that for positively ages. Fail.
- Lying awake in bed at night, not being able to sleep because you're making up a poem in your head and you can't think of a suitable rhyme. Bonnie to brain: "Let me go to sleep! I'm way too tired!" Brain to Bonnie: "I will not allow you to sleep until I think of a rhyming word." Bonnie: lies awake.
- Eating a meal and having the young brother on one side of you squirt you (in the eye, no less) with juice from his corncob as he attacks it vigorously.
- Being told by a lovely older lady what to look for in a future husband. "Make sure you pick someone who is kind and doesn't have a temper."
- Being introduced to a very shy stranger and trying to keep up a conversation with them. I established that she was four months younger than me, her favourite colour, her school, her hobbies, her favourite subject, her least favourite subject, her family situation, her love of the outdoors, her dislike of animals.... it went on for about ten minutes with me SERIOUSLY running out of things to ask about. One-sided conversations are the worst. Nobody likes to have to provide the entire bulk of the conversation themselves.
Danella: "This walnut reminds me of a four leaf clover."

- Massive pink roses.
- Finding out what to do if you are stuck on a raft in the middle of the sea with no fresh water anywhere. (If you drink sea water you go crazy.) It's weird, but what you do is you take off your clothes, rinse them in the sea and then put them back on again, wet. They will dry on you and the water will be absorbed into your skin. The salt won't be absorbed into your skin, just the fresh bit of the water. Then repeat the process, and you'll find you don't feel thirsty because your skin absorbs the moisture. A lot of people go mad from drinking sea water or die from thirst because they don't do this. It's a shame it isn't more widely known! You will hopefully never have to know this, but if you ever get stuck in the middle of the ocean you know what to do now. :)
- This ADORABLE little bundle of fluffiness.... We were looking after him over Easter while his owners were on holiday. Is he not cuteness itself??

- That feeling of satisfaction when you have no less than SIX scheduled posts waiting patiently in the queue to be posted, one at a time, all two days apart.
- Doing your sister's hair, and then having someone compliment her on her hairstyle.
- Using online speed touch typing tests - it's quite addictive.
- That the eating chestnut season is here!
- The trees turning all shades of orange and brown and red and gold. Autumn is such a beautiful time. I can never decide which season is my favourite, but autumn has to be in the top four.

What is your favourite season?
Did you know what to do if you were stuck on the sea without fresh water?
Have you ever got really badly sunburnt?

I hope your day is wonderful!
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  1. Such a interesting post!!! So fun to read!!! LOVE IT!!


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Mariya! :) Have a lovely day!

  2. You should do more of these posts Bonnie! They're funny and I like them. :) I did not know that about the water. Thank you for sharing that. I will keep that information in mind because I might need it someday.

    1. I'm happy you like them, Ashley! I like writing them, too. :)

  3. What keyboard layout are you learning to touch-type on?

    1. QWERTY. And I'm not learning, I learnt a few years ago and can still do it now. I was just practicing and having fun seeing how fast I am. :)

  4. How fast are you? My fastest is about 65 wpm and that's using Colemak. But I haven't tried for a while now, though, so I might be faster.

    And I haven't signed into Wordpress on our new computer, so this post will be anonymous. :P

    Matthew M

    1. Haha, I was just waiting for someone to ask what speed I am :P I think the best speed I got recently was 95 wpm. But I tried about a year ago and seem to remember it being over a hundred!! I think it differs depending on what test you do and how practiced you are.


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