Tuesday, 7 April 2015

April Fools Math Prank - a must watch!

I came across this the other day. Isn't it seriously brilliant??

April Fools is a fun time. My family doesn't usually do anything terribly exciting, sometimes my brothers change the clocks but that's about it. I remember one year Mum convinced us it was snowing outside. :P
I did attempt to prank a friend this year but it kinda backfired because they completely fell for it, hook, line and sinker, and then I felt really mean because they actually believed what I had told them. :P

Did you do anything?
Any ideas for April Fool's for me for next year?
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  1. Hi Bonnie!!! Thank you so much for your sweet note on my blog!!!! I am glad you are enjoying my posts. May God bless you in everything you do!!! :)
    In the Lord's bountiful blessings,

    1. Hi Ashley!
      Following your blog. :) May the Lord bless you too!


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