Friday, 16 January 2015

Dealing With Change

by yours truly  (yes another poem by me! I just know you love reading them.)

Change is unavoidable. It's sometimes hard to miss
Our lives are tracking beautifully, a picture of sweet bliss
When suddenly some news comes. Nothing is the same
Life is upside down and it won't turn right way up again.

Change itself is not the issue. It's the way with it we deal
Whether we respond to it with the emotions that we feel
Or whether we first stop and think and start to seek the Lord
Finding peace in Jesus by dwelling in His holy word.

It's hard to respond rightly when the change is looking scary
Think of the Bible people. Esther, David, Ruth and Mary
Their lives were changed forever by things they could not control
But they kept their eyes on Jesus, and looked towards the goal.

Changes are things that come with life. It's a package deal
We must realise change will come to us. It's something very real
But change is really, truly, not something frightening to be feared
It can be an adventure. We don't have to get all scared.

Remember to watch Jesus. He's the one to look upon
When change is looming nearer, He will be your strength and song
Because when we trust in Father God He shows us what to do
He'll be there right beside us, no matter what we go through.

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