Saturday, 24 January 2015

'Faithful' 2015

I've seen the idea of having a 'one word' for the year instead of a bunch of resolutions. I think it's quite a fascinating idea. You are supposed to pick one word for the year and focus on that.

I've decided to do that this year (well I've got a resolution as well, but I liked the one word idea so I'm doing it too :P ).

My word isn't really so much to do with a resolution. My word is more a reflection on my spiritual walk with God and a word to remember throughout the year and try to keep focused, I guess. If that makes sense!

And as you can probably see, my word that I have picked is "faithful".

For two reasons.

1. I keep being reminded by various people/things/events that God is faithful. And I can trust him. No matter what happens. (Don't ask me why, but I feel like that knowledge is going to help get me through the year. )
2. I want to be more faithful. To God. To my family. To my friends. In my relationships with others. Faithfulness is a great fruit of the spirit and since I tend to be impatient, it will be good for me to focus on being faithful.

So, yes. That is an explanation of my word for the year and why I picked it. In case you're wondering why I dilly-dallied on posting this and didn't get it up at the start of January (which is when I picked the word) it's because I didn't really want to share it with the entire world to start with. (It's sort of a bit of a private thing for me and one which not even my family knew about.. lol, not after this though!) But I feel that God wants me to post this for some reason. He knows best. Maybe it will help someone out there!

Have you heard of this One Word idea? Are you doing/going to do it? (You should! Join me!)
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  1. That's a great word! I love your idea. Can't wait to see what this year holds in store! :D

  2. That's a cool idea. I am going to strive to be more faithful in my relationship to Jesus and my family. Thanks for the encouragment. :)
    Love in Christ,
    ps. I saw you signed up to follow my blog by email, but you didn't click the confirmation email from Feedburner. Thank you so much! It means alot to me!

    1. Hi Ashley,
      Thank you so much for commenting! I'm glad you found it encouraging.
      I fixed up the bloggy followy thingy (thanks for reminding me to do the confirmation email, I sort of hadn't gotten around to it :) ).

  3. It's a cool idea, Bonnie! For me it is still only an idea though... last year I had 3 short phrases and this year I have a whole list of words starting with 's'. So yes, I'm not down to a one word year yet ;)

    1. I guess it could be because I started with one word, lol! Maybe I'll find myself doing more than one next year... :)


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