Monday, 7 April 2014

Awkward and Awesome


-When you get told at Church that your younger sister looks a lot older than you. I am an entire two years older than Sophie.
- When someone posts on their blog that they are deleting their blog and you totally believe it before you get told that it was an April Fools post. So much Duh.
- Being late to things.
- When you get home from Church only to have your Dad tell you that the man standing behind you in Church had told him that it looked to him like your spine is slightly curved! This actually happened to my sister. Awkward!
- Trying to think of awkward things to post about...
- When you are chatting with someone on facebook and they do a typo and it is so embarrassing for them... it's probably the worst/funniest/most awful/silliest/most embarrassing typo I've ever seen that has happened in front of my eyes. It was really awkward though because it was obvious what he was trying to say but he was really embarrassed because it was a completely awkward typo... just goes to show that you should always proofread your messages before you send them!
- April Fool's Day = your brothers change all your clocks.
- Doing a photoshoot with your sisters when two of you are in a really hyper, silly mood and can't pose or do anything except fall about laughing and pull silly faces and all you want to take is some nice photos...
- Writing with the wrong hand 'just for fun'. Totally messy and unreadable.


- That Mum is writing a book!!! (Like, a proper one.)

I'll leave it at that for today....


  1. What's the book about?!

  2. Replies
    1. We're not allowed to talk about it actually, it has a title but we're not allowed to disclose any details. When it is finished you shall know all.

  3. Replies
    1. Mum says it might not be finished for twenty years.... She's taking it slowly. :)

  4. I may not get an answer to this, but is it nonfiction or fiction?

    1. Here is your answer. yes.

    2. Mum says I can tell you that it is non fiction, It's the story of her life. Happy now?


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