Sunday, 27 April 2014

Things I Wish I'd Known Before Starting a Blog

Things I Wish I'd Known Before Starting a Blog

1. It's not always easy
Those times when you have writers block.. really bad... and you have NO IDEA what to say!

2. In fact, it can be quite difficult.
Especially when you're going away for a week and you want to store up a whole week's worth of scheduled posts but you can't think of anything to blog about currently, let alone do double the posts for the next week! (Yes, guilty as charged.)

3. It's good typing practice

4. It gets easier and harder as you go along
Easier, as in, you have more readers and more experience. Harder, as in, you've already posted everything you want to say.

5. It's good brainstorming practice

6. You can't just post anything
Each post must be carefully planned and thought out. Too often have I posted something and then had to remove it accompanied with cries of, "That's a horrible photo of me! Don't you dare have it on your blog!" or, "You're not supposed to tell people that yet!"

7. At times, you wonder what possessed you to start a blog
Thankfully, those times are (sometimes) few and far between.

8. It's actually quite rewarding
Seeing people comment (although this doesn't happen very often) with, "I love your blog, Bonnie!" and comments like that. They make everything worth it.

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