Saturday, 19 April 2014

What to Post When in Doubt II

I was rereading some archives of several blogs I follow the other day when I came across this post. It's What To Post When In Doubt, from The Chronicles of Storyteller.

In this post, Philip simply stated a whole bunch of ideas of what to post when in doubt. Here are his ideas:

* Post random posts.
* Post random pictures.
* Give your opinion about a certain topic.
* Review something you have read.
* Review something you have purchased.
* Give away free stories or recipes.
* Write a post admitting that you don’t have anything to write about.
* Run a competition.
* Make a poll and ask people to vote.
* Write down your favourite Bible stories and/or verses.
* Talk about your day.
* Inspire people to do some feat.
* Write random facts about yourself.
* Write a blog post suggesting things to do.

I thought that last one was pure genius. 
But I've gone one step further.

* Write a blog post suggesting things to do, completely stealing someone else's idea, then take all the credit.

You're welcome.
Have a nice day. :)

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