Thursday, 18 July 2013

Something I haven't done in a while + an awesome green monster

After the incredible amount of comments I had on the last post, I decided to do something different on this post. :-)

So here's the Procrastinator's Daybook, which I haven't done in a while.

Date... 18th of July 2013 A.D. (Just in case you didn't know)

Starting time... 11:31 am

Mood... Slightly tired

Outside my window... Jungle gym and swing.

I'm thinking... Want. Chocolate.

I'm currently reading... A Double Dose of Vitamin C for the Spirit compiled by Kathy Collard Miller and D. Larry Miller. Great book! Really faith strengthening.

I'm listening to... children chattering as they do crafts at the kitchen table.

I'm wearing... a brown skirt and green polo shirt

I'm looking forward to... A camp I'm going on in 2 days!!!!!!!!!! SOOO excited!!!!!

I'm hoping... that we will have lunch early today

Yesterday, we... finished all our speech competitions. It's really nice to have them over!

I'm hungry for... Lunch!!

The song stuck in my head is... Crusader's Theme Song (Conquest of Paradise- look it up on YouTube)

I love... Chocolate... (Do I type that EVERY time?)

I loathe... Not getting chocolate.......(Could you see that coming?)

Picture of the week...

Do you see what I see???
As well as the more obvious part of the photograph, (Johnny) this photo captures a radio-controlled device that captured the heart of every male in our family. (And most of the females, too.)

Yup.. you guessed it!  We got this awesome radio controlled helicopter from Fly Buys last week. It's really cool! Apart from the fact that one of the rotors is currently broken and needs to be repaired, it has been working really well and flies nicely.

You should have seen the delight in our family when it was brought home!


  1. That helicopter would be broken in a split second if you brought it here... Well, maybe not that bad. :)
    What type of chocolate do you like? Dark, milk chocolate, Dutch, Danish, German, Japanese...??

    1. All chocolate. :-) Dairy milk, dark, milk, cooking chocolate.... :-) All of it. I'll eat it in a second.

  2. Hi Bonnie! Just letting you know that I have finally got a blog now that I've turned 14...

    1. Hi Danella! Nice to see you stopped by. :-)
      I'll post about your blog.


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