Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Exclamation marks, question marks and methodical lists

I am rather annoyed at the present time. Ever since I came back from camp, my mind has been completely blank as to what to post on blog posts.
Yes, I know my helpful readers will immediately point me back to posts on other blogs such as this one that list all sorts of useful ideas of what to post when you don't know what to post.

All those ideas are certainly helpful! They sound wonderful in theory.... but don't seem quite right for my particular mood whatever day I'm wanting to post. Okay, while that may not make a lot of sense that is how it goes! Sorry if my rambly train of thought is putting you off. I guess it's putting me off too. :-)

Or maybe it wasn't that rambly. Oh dear. I really don't know!!

Calm down, Bonnie!

Okay, okay, okay. Let's get things straight. Make a list.

(When I get all flustered the easiest way for me to calm down is to organise my thoughts into a nice, neat, capable list. That way I can see the problem easily and it's often not as difficult to solve.)

Item no. 1. I am stuck for ideas for my blog post.
Item no. 2. Blog posts on other people's blogs telling me what to post on my blog are helpful... but not  in certain situations.
Item no. 3. Right now is one of those certain situations.
Item no. 4. I have a rambly train of thought.
Item no. 5. I need to calm down.
Item no. 6. I must strategise carefully and methodically if I want to make a blot post happen.
Item no. 7. I'm not sure if I spelt 'strategise' right. Spellchecker has just underlined it in a wobbly red line.
Item no. 8. This is getting slightly off topic.
Item no. 9. This list is not really helping me keep my train of thought methodical.
Item no. 10. *realisation dawns*

This IS a blog post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why do I need to search for something when I have something perfectly good right here???????????????????????????

Item no. 11. I used a lot of exclamation marks and question marks. Is that good or bad?
Item no. 12. I don't know.
Item no. 13. I doubt I ever will.... unless one of you tells me of course....


  1. Sometime next week I'll be making an idea for everyone who reads the blog... Something unique.
    But, not to be unveiled at present, since I am up-to-the-neck busy (but not too busy to comment on your blog, Ha!) ;)

    1. Oooh.. I can't wait..

      Not to busy to comment on my blog. Hm... just how busy ARE you???

    2. The latest post on Shining Arrows pretty much explains how busy I am. :) It was hidden for some reason (technical problem) until a few hours ago (published yesterday.)
      The whole family goes traveling tomorrow...

    3. Yes, I noticed that it was hidden. :-( Glad you fixed it. :-)


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