Tuesday, 2 July 2013

An unusual post

I thought I'd do something different today. I have time.
I'm going to write my entire post in rhyme!
It may seem unconventional, it may seem odd
But that's what I will do. Yes. *nods*

This blog post is not the usual thing
But at least I am not forcing you to sing
While it would be funny for me, it may not be for you
But let's not talk of "what if's", let's talk of what's true.

The last stanza of my quaint little verse
May have seemed to you to be the worse
But I'd love to know what you think of it
Comment your advice, feedback or else nothing admit.

This may seem to be a little disjointed to you 
That's nothing compared to what I can do!
My rhymes sometimes get worse as you scroll down
Take that as a warning and don't wear a frown.

But now you ask why I did say that.
Simple. It's easy! For me, it's just pat.
For you, maybe not, but just never mind-
I am trying (a little) to you to be kind.

If you like my attempt at the rhyme, please comment
It's a kind thing to do, and I know it's well meant.
If you thought my poem was in any way great
Just tell me you thought so, and don't be late!

What else shall I tell you... hmm... I'm not sure
Of course I don't want to be a bore.
Shall I leave this poem and do some other thing?
Or would that be worse than suggesting you sing?

Oh dearie you... Oh dearie me!
This is getting quite silly as you can perhaps see.
Shall I just quietly and quickly leave
Or will this make you cry and grieve?

I really don't know! This is a hard decision!
But I think I've finally reached a conclusion!
I'll end it now, and depending on what comments you say
I may come back and do another someday. :-)


  1. That reminds me of Bill Peet's rhyme meter.

    1. In The Caboose who got Loose?
      Yes, I suppose it is kind of like that. Did you like it or not though?

    2. You have been neglecting your blog recently... maybe this is an idea for a blog post?

  2. I do not care, I do suppose,
    If you should sometimes write in prose.

    For prose is fine, if you have time,
    To write a line
    and line
    and line.

    1. That was masterfully done, I do declare!
      Whether you write in rhyme or not I do not care.
      But thank you lots for stopping by
      Now sit down and eat some pie. :-)


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