Saturday, 27 July 2013

I'm back!!!

Well, I am now officially home from camp!

*starts laughing uncontrollably*

That was soooo obvious, since I do believe you noticed I was back as soon as you saw the title of this post. :-)

Oh well.

I have a nasty cold right now.... not nice at all. :-( I'm just thankful that I didn't really have it until the last day of camp. A lot of the leaders had colds right throughout the camp which must have been really hard!

Camp was pretty good overall, our cabin won Quietest Cabin once and Quietest Table twice, it's always nice when your cabin wins something. :-)

We unfortunately didn't get the memory verse award or the Tidiest cabin award, we had some good ideas for the latter but they mostly never got off the ground!

Camp is always really awesome but it's always so nice to be home. :-)


  1. What's the deal with laughing uncontrollably?
    That cold does not sound nice. Been there done that last week...

    I remember once we went on a camp and all of us caught a nasty vomiting bug. Out in the boonies (Castle Hill) with next to no medicine, there wasn't much that we could do.

    1. Awww.... colds are horrible aren't they.

      Castle hill with nasty vomiting bugs??? Sounds like it would have been pretty miserable!!


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