Saturday, 17 September 2016

A + A // life is more awesome than awkward

- Borrowing my sister's white singlet to wear to church. It was Father's Day, so to celebrate, the church had kebabs and sausages afterwards. I was standing beside my younger sister while she prepared to pour tomato sauce onto her sausage (which was a TERRIBLE idea)... she aimed it the wrong way and splattered bright red tomato sauce all the way down my front, which stained the borrowed white singlet.
- Talking on the phone and interrupting each other a few times so both of you remain silent... listening to the awkwardness... until both of you interrupt each other again to say, "No, you go!"
- Spending ages puzzling over an answer in a past exam paper (used for practice/study purposes) only to discover you had read the question wrong.
- Milking the cow (under shelter, fortunately!) in the middle of a big storm and watching the tunnel house roof rip in two because of the terrible winds (see photo below).

(It shouldn't be like that :P)

- Accidentally bumping the windshield wiper switch while driving and having the wipers merrily wipe your dry windscreen while you fumble to try and turn them off.
- Taking a friend out to see our dugout and holding the hatch open for them. Then when they have climbed down into it, accidentally letting go of the hatch and dropping it... on their head :/ It was really heavy and I felt terrible. Friend-who-is-maybe-reading-this, I'm so sorry.
- Lydia: "Aidyl. Aidyl. It's my name backwards."
Caleb: "Some people actually name their children Aidyl."
Me, overhearing their conversation: "???!!?!?"
- Hitting the wrong button in the lift and having the lift stop at the wrong floor for no reason.
- Taking a stack of dirty dishes to the sink at work when someone is just finishing doing all the dishes and they say they don't mind but they give you a death stare. :/

- Cute wee babies!! Michael is so adorable and such a blessing to our family. Here are a few photos of him awake (as requested by some of my readers :P).

- Lying in bed in that delicious state where your bed has reached the perfect warmth and you're feeling really drowsy and about to drop off to sleep when the rain starts on the roof. Such a comforting sound and makes your bed ever so much cosier.
- Making a CV. So exciting.
- Watching Johnny learn how to solve a Rubik's cube.
- Having a boring evening until your friend starts dredging up all your old emails to them from like 2011 and starts sending them to you with hilarious comments and you end up rolling around on the floor laughing so hard and showing choice snippets to your sister. Completely made my entire evening. It was amazing.
- Looking forward to all the exciting things coming up. Friends getting married, a formal (ball), exams (most exciting of all :P), my trip to the States coming ever closer... life is very exciting right now! :)
- Awesome jokes. Guys, do you want to hear some jokes and funny one liners??? Well I want to tell some so you're stuck. :P Here we go, ready or not!
What's the difference between a well dressed man on a unicycle and a poorly dressed man on a bike?Attire. 
I bought my friend an elephant for his room.  He said, "Thanks." I said, "Don't mention it."
If I had to describe myself with one word it would be "bad at following directions" 
I used to be addicted to the hokey pokey, but then I turned myself around.
(You're welcome :P)
- Having awesome conversations with strangers about God.
- Me to Sophie: "What's awesome, Sophie?" Sophie: "You". Sophie, you're awesome for saying that, and you made into an awkward and awesome post so well done :P
- Playing a board game with Grandma and my siblings and winning. Such a good feeling. Anyone want to play Trans Europa?
- Mending my formal (ball) dress. I wore it last year and managed to rip the hem a little so I have finally gotten around to mending it so I can wear it again this year. Who says homeschoolers can't go to formals? :) And isn't that feeling when you finally get round to mending something SO GOOD?
- I know I say this every spring but spring is always awesome! I love seeing spring spring-ing. Blossoms... daffodils... baby animals... ahhhhh spring is amazing. Yay for warmer weather! #ilikespringratheralot

What is your favourite board game?
Have you ever been splattered with tomato sauce? Story time!
Have you ever injured someone by dropping something on their head? Do share.

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  1. Settlers of Catan is probably my favourite although Risk and Monopoly are also good. I'll play Trans Europa with you sometime :)

    Not that I can remember - at least no significant times. I don't think I have any clothes stained red.

    Again, not that I can remember. I have had things dropped on my head though (one notable time recently)

    1. We own all the ones you mentioned but I've never played Risk. Ben and Johnny went through a Risk-crazy stage where they played it all the time but not anymore! Too many exciting things to do outside!

      You had something dropped on your head recently? How terrible.

    2. It was most dreadful. The person said sorry, though. And it didn't really hurt that much (hardly at all, actually)

    3. Quite. I am glad to hear they apologised.

  2. I love most board games, we play a lot of games at my house! I like Settlers of Catan, Skip-Bo, Phase 10, Trouble, Sorry, Uno, Guess Who, and many others.

    I don't remember a time being splattered with something red, but I bet if I was splattered with something red, I'd definitely be wearing white.

    I don't think I've ever been hit in the head with something, but one time my mom was hit in the head with a heavy compartment door. There was a large lump on her head for awhile. It's always the worst when your parents get hurt.

    Thank you for linking up your blog today! :)

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. Just realized that some of the games I listed aren't board games! XD

      With love and all joy,
      Allie D.

    2. Board games are fun! I probably enjoy card games more, although I do enjoy board games. I've never played Skip-Bo, Phase 10, Trouble or Sorry! They sound like fun! Uno is always super awesome. Also Guess Who never grows old.

      Lol, good old Murphy's Law! If you're splattered with tomato sauce it's on the day you're wearing white. :P

      Ouch! That would have hurt!

      You're welcome. I enjoy your link-ups.

  3. I love it!! I can relate to several of those awkward things, especially the problem of phone conversations!! haha

    Where in the US will you be? (if you don't mind me asking)

    EEP YOUR BABY BROTHER IS SO CUTE!!! I miss having a baby around the house.. (you know you're in a large family

    Lovely post, Bonnie!! ♥♥

    1. Heheee awkward moments can be the same for all of us.

      I will be in Tennessee (rural Nashville area). Of course I don't mind you asking! I'm stopping for a day or so in San Francisco on the way over to look around a wee bit.

      I THINK HE'S SO CUTE, TOO!!! Great minds think alike. ;) Having a baby around is awesome! Although there is always someone who wants to hold him too so we pass him around, lol.

      Thank you, lovely!

  4. Wow! Sounds like you've had an exciting week. Yes! I have been splattered with tomato sauce before, not intentionally! Lol...

    Glitzy Girl

    1. My week has been quite exciting. But fun. :) Haha I'm glad it wasn't intentional.
      Thank you for commenting <3

  5. Ah I do enjoy these posts a lot!

  6. The dishes death stare...honestly one of the WORST!!!

  7. Hehe.....I love these posts. :D

  8. Ooooh, Settlers of Catan is definitely my favorite board game. (It's the one I'm best at :P)
    I've hit people on the head with a frisbee several times myself, and Mom accidentally threw a shingle that hit my head the other day!
    Lucky about spring...winter is beginning here (Alaska). But I am still excited about it. :)
    What are you coming to the States for? Just a visit?

    I so enjoy your A & A posts!

    Rachel M.

    1. I haven't played Settlers for aaaages! It's a good game.
      But before you get Winter you get Autumn (Fall)! Autumn is a lovely season too. I just like them all I think. Does it get very cold where you live? It would, right?
      I'm coming to Tennessee (with a couple of days in San Francisco on the way over) for two and a half months to help at Above Rubies. :)
      Thank you! I enjoy them too. :D

    2. It's true; although our Fall here is very, very short- usually about two weeks or less! Yes, it gets really cold here; one year the thermometer bottomed out at -70*! Our family was actually out of state at that time, but we saw a picture of it. People stayed inside that day. :P I love Winter though, really. We have a perfect sledding hill and our property is gorgeous when covered in snow!
      Oh, how neat! San Fransisco is an interesting place, if you can steer clear of the junk. :-/ And Tennessee is beautiful. :)

  9. Oh my goodness... Bonnie, this post seriously made me giggle! Ah, I love your 'Awkward and Awesome' posts...I just knwo they're going to be good! {{Smiles}} Lovely catching a glimpse of your life right now! Oh and....a sweet letter arrived in the mail for me yesterday! YAY!!!! Thank you ever so much, Bonnie...I will be writing back very soon!!

    Hugs and love!

    P.S. Michael is too adorable for those pictures!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this post, Kelly-Anne! :) And I'm thrilled my letter arrived. I had no idea how long it would take! I'm looking forward to yours!
      *hugs right back*
      I think he is too :)


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