Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A + A \\ Puns and Pranking

- Doing a camp activity blindfolded and having one of the other leaders quietly sneak up behind you then suddenly grab you and scream in your ear. Of course you scream (naturally) because you were so scared you just about had a heart attack. Then all the campers in the vicinity (and leaders) laugh long and loudly because of course it was hysterically funny. And having the story told rather a few too many times throughout the rest of camp so that eventually everyone had heard and had a good laugh about it. You're welcome, guys. Glad you enjoyed it. *bows often*
- Mishearing vital information and blithely going about the rest of your day performing tasks wrong.
- Holding conversations via chat message with your friends that you made in China and them sending you messages in English that are so grammatically wrong you just haven't got a clue what they are trying to say. :)
- When someone says something and you respond wittily but it is too late at night and so no one 'gets' your wittiness until like a full minute has passed and you eventually start hearing the groans.
- Emptying a coffee urn after being on morning tea duty at Church and managing to spill coffee all over the floor. Like seriously, all over the floor. Everywhere. Made a nice big mess.
- Managing to break your left jandal during camp in exactly the same way and on exactly the same day that your sister manages to break her left jandal. Same kind of jandal and everything. We've both had them for years. So strange.
- Tidying up the morning tea stuff after morning tea at church was over and coming out to find that your handbag, which you'd carefully left in a certain place was completely gone. Then realizing that your helpful family, when tidying up all of their stuff to leave, had noticed your handbag and taken it too, thinking you'd forget it otherwise. Which would have been find if they hadn't come to Church in a different vehicle and had already left. And the keys to the vehicle you had driven were in your handbag. Which they had taken with them. And your phone was in your handbag too.
- That feeling of horror you get when you accidentally publish a blog post that you'd been meaning to schedule for like a week from the date you accidentally published it. And then have to quickly revert it to a draft, apologizing mentally to all those poor souls who would get a notification through their following channel telling them I've made a new post when in actual fact there was no new post. :(

- Making lots of new friends
- When people attempt to prank you and lay all sorts of elaborate plans but you don't fall into their traps and their pranks completely backfire. Ahhh, the satisfaction.
- This joke:
Q: What happened when the ship carrying blue paint and the ship carrying red paint crashed into an island?
A: The sailors were marooned.
- Having fantastic Bible teaching
- Spitting a plum stone from across the kitchen and having it land directly into the colander. So you feel very pleased with yourself.
- This song. Danella and I heard it when we visited a couple of churches in China and loved it. It's got such a beautiful tune. Listen to it, then scroll down for the English translation. (Danella and I liked it so much we learnt how to sing it - and that's saying a lot, because Chinese songs are incredibly hard to learn if you don't understand Chinese!)

Here is the English translation of the words:
You are my Lord. You lead me in the path of righteousness.
In the high mountains and the low valleys you protect me.
In the midst of a million people you love me and know me.
Your promises of blessings will never change.
Step by step, this is the path of grace.
Your love, Your hand will grasp me tightly.
Step by step, this is the path of hope.
Your love, Your hand, will guide me through this path of life.

- Friends who will pray for you and stick beside you no matter what you're going through. I'm so thankful and grateful for my friends.
- Annnnnd my family of course. My family is absolutely amazing. 
- Watching 'The Making Of" movies. It's so interesting seeing the deleted scenes and bloopers and watch how they made the movie. Fascinating. 
- Having lots of fun making tons of bookmarks. I never used to use bookmarks but now in my old age I'm getting a bit forgetful and it's harder to remember where in the book I stopped! Hence the need for bookmarks. So I make lots so there's always a few on hand. Nice and useful things, bookmarks. I might do a tutorial on how I make my bookmarks sometime actually.
- Exciting opportunities.....

Do you get frightened easily?
Are you accident prone?
Do you know any songs in other languages? (Do you speak any other languages?)
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  1. Haha. Love your awkward things, and I can relate to a couple of them. :) That's cool you learned the song in Chinese. I know 3 years of Spanish,(though I haven't reviewed it in the longest time and am probably forgetting some) a little sign language, and a tad tad bit of German. I know the song "With Christ as my Vessel" in Spanish, and part of the song "Wonderful Wonderful, Isn't Jesus Wonderful" in a language that I can't remember what it is.

    I love it when people's prank backfire too. My sister tries to scare me sometimes when I'm sitting at my desk, but I always hear her, and she doesn't understand how I can. lol. Sometimes I can just 'sense' when someone's behind me.

    1. I know a song in pidgin English and several in Chinese. My friend learnt Spanish. It's a neat language. Sign language is cool too!
      My family is part German although I only know like two words in German. :P We're a real mix. German, Irish, Scottish and English.

      Haha! Pranks backfiring are hilarious. Yeah, sometimes you can just sense when someone is behind you. Other times you don't have a clue and just get hugely scared!! :)

  2. ahh dear sounds like you had a very interesting last few days!! Glad you got some of your own pranks back :P

  3. I know a lot of swahili,some Spanish, and a tinsy bit of luganda!I love learning languages, but don't think I could learn Chinese!
    I know a few songs in swahili, and me and my best friend say little bits to each other out of the blue! That's always fun :l)

    1. Swahili! How neat! How did you get to learn that?
      It's awesome knowing a language with only one other person, then the two of you can chat to each other and no one else knows what you're saying! :) :D

  4. I know a bit of Dutch, a tiny bit of German, and greetings and a random phrase or two in a bunch of languages. I can actually understand a fair bit if German & Dutch. I don't like it when people walk up behind me and hug me - ok for family, but not so fun when it's kids at work... Awkward: Accidently stalking a guy for ages, and having workmates suggest I did it on purpose... (she must have thought he was cute...) I mean, seriously!
    Awesome: Saving a minion three times in the same day. Also saving an Apple from The Deep Yoghurt and point 7 paticularly. Dad had a millenium prank backfire Thanks Bonnie :)

    1. Awesome! Your family is Dutch, right?
      Accidentally stalking a guy for ages? I am rather curious - how does one 'accidentally' stalk someone?
      Saving a minion three times in the same day. I've never seen a minion in real life, let alone saved one. You lead a very adventurous life, Laura! :P
      Thanks for the comment!

  5. Yes, Dad is completly Dutch. We both happened to be crossing the same road at the same time (the guy, that is, not Dad :p), and waited ages for a gap in the traffic. Then I got to Bush Inn (just down the road) and started locking my bike, when he locked his bike right next to mine (the bike stand was nearly full), and he pointed out how wrong it felt to reverse it into the stand. Then I did some shopping, and ended up directly opposite him at the self checkout. I want back to my bike, and while I was locking it, guess who turned up?!! As he left the bike stand, he was just like "oh well, see you next time" (me just hoping like mad he wouldn't take the bus I was taking home...fortunately he didn't) I would tend to agree - my life is epic at the moment...have a good one, Bonnie

    1. Hehe, sounds suitably awkward :P Thanks for sharing!!


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