Friday, 1 January 2016

New Years Giveaway

Good morning, friends, and Happy New Year!!

2016 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for our family. I love exciting things, don't you? :)

I thought it might be fun to kick the year of blogging off with a giveaway. I know. I never do giveaways. I think I've done a grand total of one in my entire blogging history. Exciting, right?

So, let's get on to the more important stuff. What am I giving away???!!!

I reckon everyone needs encouragement. Don't you? I love being encouraged. I'm giving away a surprise encouragement package that will turn up in your mail (after you've provided me with your mailing address of course!)
Maybe you've had a hard year. Maybe you've had a hard day. Maybe you don't need encouragement but just want to win a giveaway (that's fine too!). Maybe you know someone you'd like to give the prize to who needs encouragement.

Whatever your situation, whoever you are, feel free to enter my giveaway and see if you can win an encouragement package! (I won't tell you what's in it yet because I haven't completely finished making it up, although I can tell you it's going to be extremely special!)

There are two entry options, an option for an entry for yourself and one for entering to win on another's behalf (this is for the person you know who would love some encouragement!). You can choose who you enter for. :)

By the way, for all my guy readers, I am really sorry but you may not find this prize as special as the girls will. In fact, I recommend you enter on someone else's behalf, just because this package may or may not have a lot of butterflies in it ;) Unless you don't mind butterfly-themed encouragement!

Giveaway opens today (New Years Day) and ends on the 9th of January.

I will be away on and off for the first half of January so blogging is very likely to be somewhat sporadic. Also I won't be able to make up the package and send it off until I'm back so who knows when you'll actually receive it (especially if you don't live in New Zealand - don't expect it immediately because postage takes ages between countries).

So it will be a nice surprise when it turns up! :)
(And may the most deserving person of encouragement win.)

Are you ready?

On your marks... get set.... GO! Enter! :)

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PS. My family members may enter if they wish. Winner will be drawn randomly by Rafflecopter.


  1. Sounds like an awesome idea for a giveaway! <3 <3 I entered!

  2. I went to California for the first time. :D

    (I live in the US).

  3. What a great idea for a giveaway. Bonnie. I need some encouragement, though I might share some with another special person as well. :)

    Thank you so much for having a giveaway. One of my favorite memories from 1015 was.....I have to think of one because I have so many!
    One was when our family went to Mass. and saw so many historical places and made so many memories. Another one was my sister's 18 th birthday, and another one was when my sister and I got our drivers license. :)

  4. Hey Bonnie!
    This is such a great idea! Can we enter for ourselves and someone else? It is a tough choice between them.
    Your prayers for my family is so appreciated! Thank you,
    I know this sounds silly, but, I don't know how to grab a button! My sister usually does that for me!

    1. Hey Paige... you can only enter once using one email address... if you have a sibling or parent you could get them to do another set of entries for you using a different email address. Hope that helps!

      Grabbing a button. So on my sidebar I have a widget that says 'grab my button' with a box full of html code. Copy and paste that code into an html supported part of your blog... hope that makes sense! Your blog is run by blogger right? So when you draft a post or page there is a button you can click on that says 'html'. You can paste the code there and then when you go back to the normal view it will hopefully show up. Hope that helps! Sorry I'm not so good at explaining things...

      You could also google it. I'm sure there are plenty of tutorials around! :)

    2. Thank you for explaining everything!
      Is it okay if I post your giveaway on GP?
      Thanks again! Now I'm gonna go grab some buttons! Haha!

    3. All good. Go ahead and post it everywhere you like! Spread the word!!! Someone's going to win something very special...
      Go for it.

  5. Sorry for the re-do! :o Hey, at least you have more comments! :D

  6. My highlight from 2015 would be being the family holiday we just finished all down the West Coast of the South Island :D


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