Monday, 4 January 2016

sometimes our blessings... come as raindrops

Today I'd like to talk a wee bit about life.

Life can be wonderful. It can be fantastically amazingly stupendously awesome. It can be a whole succession of fabulous days where you just float through the day and nothing can dampen your spirit because life is amazing. You feel amazing (you can tell I've run out of adjectives, can't you) and everything is amazing. 

Life can be tough. It can be awfully tough. It can be a succession of not quite so wonderful days when you mope about the whole time complaining about how difficult your life is (if you're like me, that is).
Life can be complicated and exhausting and annoying and irritating and horrible and dreary and awful and tiring and just plain hard. No matter who you are. We all get those days.

I want to encourage you today. No matter what you're going through, no matter how tough your life is right now, God is always there.

There is a silver lining in every cloud. 

It sounds really trite and cliche... and in a way, yes it is trite and cliche. But there is also truth to that saying.

Sometimes our blessings come as raindrops. If we're in the middle of a storm we don't recognize the raindrops (or even the hailstones) as blessings. But hang in there. Because while the storm may not be over, the story isn't over, either. You can do it. 

You've probably heard that a few times before. However, it's always good to be reminded, right? :)

Sometimes our blessings, they turn up as raindrops
Sometimes great clouds overshadow the sky
Sometimes my heart doesn't want to be thankful
But wonder and question the Lord's reason why

Why does he send all this rain to my garden?
My plants are dripping and sodden and wet!
I can't sit in my garden, my trees to enjoy
What happened to blessing me? Did God forget?

Look at the weather of the garden next door
There's not so much rain on those vegies and flowers
But over here, in my drenched, rainy garden
All I'm getting is showers and then some more showers!

We can sometimes forget to remember God's purpose
And the reason we have our own garden at all
Our garden is his, really, we're just the gardeners
Why worry about petty things like the rainfall?

For God doesn't send rain on a garden unless
He's fulfilling a much greater plan
Just wait till the spring comes and then you will see
What the raindrops have done for the land

Flowers will bloom like never before
And the trees in your garden will reach for the sky
So my friend, dance. Yes, dance in the rain!
There's still precipitation but God knows why.

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I'm going to be gone from home on and off over the next two weeks for a Bible conference and a kid's camp. I've scheduled a few posts to happen over the period, but for the most part you'll just have to be content with waiting for me to come back! :)
Last year I was posting roughly three times per week and over the past couple of months I've cut it back to one post every three or four days. I'm thinking that this year it's going to have to be somewhat controlled due to lots of commitments! Thanks for your understanding.
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  1. I like the poem. See you at camp.

  2. I love this poem,it makes me think of what we're going through right now. :-(
    Thank you for sharing this post.
    God bless you,

    1. :/ Oh Paige, I feel for you and your family! May the Lord be with you at this time... he might seem absent but he's working in the background!


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