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It seems like when it's time for the New Year everyone gets real reflective about their lives. All of a sudden bloggers are posting about their resolutions and pondering on the past year.

I guess it's because once a year is quite a good length of time to evaluate yourself. You know, how you're going etc.

And the beginning of the year is a great time to do just that.

Last year I didn't make myself many New Years Resolutions. I think I did make some, although in typical Bonnie fashion I forgot to write them down (thinking to myself no doubt, "I'll remember them") and of course..... I can't remember them now!

I have a 'word' for the year. A word to focus on, to ponder on, to use to keep me on the right track. I've already posted about that.

But I think a set of goals would be nice too. And so I have seven. You'll be glad to know I've written them down this time... here and in my diary! :D (Twice! No way I'm forgetting this time....)

In my post where I talked about my word for the year I said I was doing that instead of some resolutions. And that is still true. These goals are not resolutions. They are goals (surprisingly). There's a difference. (I think.)

I want to go deeper in my relationship with God.
I think this goal is going to be on my list every time I write it at the beginning of a new year. At least, I certainly hope so. May I never consider my relationship with God good enough. May I always want more of him, want to press in deeper to him. May I never be satisfied with a little of him!!

I want to be less 'self' absorbed.
I can tend to be extremely selfish and wrapped up in myself sometimes. This year I want to work on humility and thinking of others. Seeing others as more important as myself.

I want to be more intentional in my relationships with those around me, both within my family and in my friend circles.
Several of my good friends are moving away this year, my best friend to attend University in another city. Changes, changes. I sometimes look at my life and think, do I really have many friends at all?! I know friendships only happen if you want them to and you must work at them... but so many of the people I know have shied away from a closer friendship with me. I like to think of myself as a friendly person. What have I done wrong?!
So this year I want to try harder. To keep those friends I have. To keep friendships intentional because if you don't work at it, it will drift away. And to work on my relationships (especially within my family). :D

I want to attend a barn dance.
Some of my goals this year are slightly random. :P This one is just because I have always thought a barn dance would be super fun to attend and I haven't managed to get myself invited to one yet! I was going to organise one myself to celebrate my 18th birthday (this year) but it's not working out so well. It still might work out but we'll see... perhaps for my 21st. In the meantime, maybe someone else will organise it and invite me! :)

I want to become a bit less awkward.
Come on, who doesn't?? Haha. I consider myself to a very awkward person. I always say the wrong thing at the wrong time and regret it after I've said it! I am most definitely not a shining example of ladylike behaviour... oh well. (I can't be good at everything, lol :P :P :P.) This year I would like to try and become a tiny bit more refined.... not enough to not be able to write Awkward and Awesome posts anymore, just enough to not embarrass myself so much.

I want to focus not on what I can do, but on what God can do and is doing.
This is slightly vague, I'll admit. I'm not even exactly sure myself what this will look like. I guess it's just keeping tuned in to what the Holy Spirit is saying, you know, praying for people if the opportunity arises and so on.

I want God to be glorified in 2016 with my life.
This is last because it's most important. Overshadowing my word for the year, overshadowing my goals for the year, this goal is number one. It's my life goal. I want God to be glorified through my life. Because if He is glorified through me then I am happy. None of the others matter.

Have you got any goals for the year? Do share! I'd love to hear them!
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  1. I don't have resolutions either , I have goals too :) I filled up 2 pages of my diary (which, BTW I started after you wrote a post about writing a diary around May 2014 :))just writing down all my goals for the year (I have like 20 or so) :p Some of them are very similar to yours! My most random one is that I want to be able to drink coffee by the end of the year because currently I find it disgusting (same with tea) so I only drink hot chocolate! I went to a barn dance on Saturday night just gone :) It was so so much fun!

    1. Wow, really? You started a diary after I posted about it???? :D How neat. :D
      If you want to be able to drink coffee, I suggest having mocha's to start with. You know, mixture of coffee and chocolate. I used to only like chocolate but now I really love a good mochaccino! I also feel like I could easily get to like normal coffee if I wanted to... I just don't want to because I don't want to get addicted! :P Also just drinking tea is the only way to get used to it and like it. :) I used to hate tea and now love it.
      A barn dance! How cool!

  2. Awesome goals, Bonnie! I can relate in several ways!
    A barn dance would be so super fun!
    And, I know, this is a total shock,but, I am not very etiquette either! I lay awake at night thinking of what I should of said in all the conversations I had today! I have to work on thinking before I speak! That is 1 of my goals.
    I still have to post my goals,soon I will!

    1. Haha, so do I. :P Thinking before I speak is such a good thing to remember. Now if only I could remember to do it....

  3. Hey Bonnie ! :) I'm so glad I found your blog! I love reading it :) By the way, I don't think you're awkward :P Maybe I should do a barn dance for my 18th and you could bring all the chch people down for it :) Thanks for the encouragement through your blog and look forward to catching up in the future sometime :)
    Esther McLay

    1. Hey Esther! Nice to 'meet' you via my blog! :) Haha, I think I'm very awkward. Nice of you to say that I'm not though! :P
      Yes, do a barn dance. That would be SO cool!
      Yes! We've got to catch up in the future!
      Thanks for your comment. Stay awesome!


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