Monday, 14 September 2015

Dear Twenty-Four Year Old Bonnie

Dear twenty-four year old Bonnie,

Hi! How are you? It's me - your self from the past - here today.

In case you're wondering why on earth I'm writing you this letter, it's the second part in a two part series of blog posts of letters to my past self and future self. My other letter was to myself at ten years old, (which is seven years ago) so it seemed fitting that this letter should be a letter to myself in seven years time. Don't you think?

I've been really looking forward to writing you this letter. You see, there's an element of mystery and surprise about the future that I find alluring. There's so much wonder about who  you are and the sort of person you've become. The thought of you fascinates me.

Where are you?
What are you up to?
Why are you doing what you're doing?
Do you ever think back and remember fondly yourself at seventeen?
Do you ever wonder about your future?
Have you learnt from the mistakes I'm making?
Have you done anything tremendously exciting?
What's the best thing that's happened to you in the past seven years?
Why is that the best thing?
What life lessons have you learnt?
What has the Lord shown you?
How does it feel to be (well) into your twenties? You are rather old and grown up. Are you practically a fossil? :P

It's terribly rude of me, dear Bonnie-of-the-future, but I'm going to offer you some advice. I know. I know. Her? The Bonnie-of-your-past? Bonnie who has still got a lot of maturing and life experiencing to do? That Bonnie, offering you advice?

Yet I think that when we get older it can be easy to lose sight of the dreams we had when we were young. Besides, if I do say so myself, I do think I have a rather sensible head on my shoulders. ;P

So, my dear friend, here's my advice.

Firstly, keep seeking the Lord whatever you do. I'm sure you are, and I'm sure you're ever so much closer to him than I am now... but never forget to follow him. It scares me to think that the Bonnie of the future might have walked away from her first love! Seek the Father. And never stop. He is yours and you are his. Forever. Never forget that.

My next piece of advice is to follow your dreams. You know those dreams you held back in your heart when you were young? (Roughly seven years ago, to be exact?) Don't forget them! Keep them in your heart and pray they will come to fruition. You have the ability to change the world. Don't forget your dreams just because you've grown up a bit!

I ask you, Bonnie dear, not to ever look back on your old self and be ashamed. I know, I'm tempted to do that too, with my old self (and my not so old self at times!). I look back and shake my head and wonder why anyone put up with me. And I worry that you'll do the same. Because I make mistakes. But please don't be ashamed of me, because I am you, after all. And besides, you've got to admit it, you learnt a lot through those mistakes, didn't you! Let's be friends, you and I, the Bonnie of the past and the Bonnie of the future. I can teach you a lot.

Don't forget what it's like to be young. Keep the spirit of youth and joy inside you. Remember to have fun. Laugh, smile, cry, work hard, keep pressing on.

You can do it, Bonnie-of-the-future. In fact, I know you can do it. I'm depending on you.
With all my love,
Old Self


  1. Happy happy 24th birthday Bonnie! I can't believe you are 24!!! You certainly don't look it. :D

    1. ?! :) haha I'm seventeen... this is a letter to my future self

    2. Oh!!! I thought you were writing a birthday letter to yourself. Sorry!

    3. Hehe no problem! :) I guess it is kinda confusing.


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