Thursday, 17 September 2015

A + A // Cooking For Two

This last week has been chocka-block with lots of suitably awkward and awesome moments, friends! And you know what that means... it means that inspiration strikes Bonnie and she starts a draft called "A + A - begun 2 Sep" which basically means if something really awkward or awesome happens I'll chuck it into the draft post and so slowly grow it, cause who has time to sit at the computer for four hours trying to think of stacks of awkward things at once?! Certainly not me! And that's how I roll, lol. (Hey that rhymed!) Anyway, I started it today, the 2nd of September, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes before this post is ready to hit the blog. Judging by my past experience, probably a fortnight or so. Anyway, we'll see. Enough rambling from me. Time for the awkwards!

- Doing Lydia's hair and brushing the hairbrush through it. Coming across a random hard lump on one side of her head that was covered by her hair, I tugged the brush a bit harder. It didn't budge. Whatever this lump was, it wasn't going anywhere! Then Lydia clued me in on the identity of the URHL (Unidentified Random Hard Lump) by saying, "OUCH!" I pulled her hair aside and discovered that yes, the object I had been attacking with the hairbrush was her ear.
- When you make assumptions based on what you've heard and seen and it turns out to be horribly wrong... guys, don't jump to conclusions! It's not worth it!
- (I was helping make meals and working in the kitchen for a working bee camp weekend.) Trying to open a tin of pineapple with the industrial can opener, and managing to spill most of the juice from the can down my front.
- When you're walking down the street on your way home from the bus stop and all of a sudden you hear a strange crashing sound in the hedge above you and slightly to the left. You are slightly scared so you duck a wee bit, wondering what's happening. It's a good thing you ducked, because suddenly a ball comes sailing through the hedge and over the fence - missing you by inches. It bounces over the road and comes to rest in the grass on the other side. So much for a nice relaxing walk home from the bus stop!
- When your coworker asks if you do sport, because you have such muscly legs.
- Walking into a room, seeing a bunch of people in there discussing something you'd prefer not to talk about, so carefully and quietly walking out again.
- NOT being able to sleep no matter how hard you try. Some nights are virtually sleepless for no reason.
- When you make a complicated plan for transport somewhere (involving other people going here and there too) and someone else decides to change their plans so your plan is all mucked up.
- Curling your hair and burning your ear. (Hey, that rhymed!)
- When you're in the middle of drinking a cup of water and someone says something HILARIOUSLY funny and you are overwhelmed with a sudden desperate urge to laugh. However your mouth is full of water so you turn all kinds of colours of the rainbow and try and swallow the water as quick as you can, keeping your mouth firmly shut. Phew. Crisis averted.
- Being home alone with just your sister and you for a *whole* weekend while the rest of the family was away. The house was so quiet. And it's so weird just cooking for two!

- My new wee minion. I knitted him in two days! :) He's a present for a friend (here's hoping she doesn't read my blog, lol). He reminds me of a banana but I think he's really rather cute.

- Seeing friends again!! Yay for awesome friends whom you haven't seen for ages!
- Awesome letterboxes. I mean, who wants one of those boring normal square-with-roof ones?
- Learning from your mistakes and actually doing it right the second time. Makes you feel very relieved and very happy.
- This video. I mean, seriously. Watch the whole thing. I laughed the most I've laughed in a very long time.

- A tidy bedroom.
- Savouries for BREAKFAST = a very good idea
- Going for a long walk in the hills. Tiring at the time, tiring afterwards, painful at the time, painful afterwards... but so worth it.
- Daffodils, daffodils, daffodils, daffodils, daffodils. And blossoms. (Oh yeah, and did I mention daffodils?)
- Waking up early, getting up early and getting lots of things done.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten for breakfast?
Do you struggle with sleeplessness?
What awesome letterbox design do you think looks cool?
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  1. Well… You don’t really want to know.
    I don’t struggle with sleeplessness, but some of our family does.
    There’s a concrete letterbox down the road from us in the shape of a house, with windows and a door. I like that one. I like different letterboxes.

    1. Okayyyy... must have been pretty weird!
      Fair enough.
      So do I. There are some really amazing ones out there!

  2. I have to agree with you, cooking for a tiny amount of people is so weird!! I had to cook for myself for a week awhile back and I ended up putting lots of stuff in the freezer cause it was just too hard!! lol And usually there's only five of us not ten!! (or however many you have)

    1. It's not all bad having lots of stuff in the freezer! :)
      I know, usually we're cooking for around about a dozen each meal.


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