Saturday, 26 September 2015


I wanted to share with you something I've done recently - and use it to chat a wee bit about meaning in life.

This is an art journaling page I did. I found inspiration of the verse from the Bible (surprisingly :P) and the inspiration of the anchor came from a facebook group I'm part of. 

The anchor isn't all it first appears to be. It's an anchor. That ties in nicely with the verse about the hope of Christ being an anchor for our souls. 

It's also a cross. See the wooden cross bit at the top? That signifies the fact that Christ died on the cross for us... it's the hope of eternal life. 

The rope entwining the cross and the anchor is {very loosely} in the shape of a heart (if you can't see it, the two 'bumps' of the heart are directly underneath the horizontal beam of the cross). The heart signifies the love Christ showed for us when He gave Himself up for us.

The rope encircling the pointy bit at the bottom of the anchor and coming up to just below the horizontal beam of the cross forms a figure eight, also commonly know as the infinity symbol. The infinity symbol here is symbolic of the infinity of Christ's love, and also of the infinite time (eternity) we will have with our Lord and Saviour in Heaven when we go to be with Him.
All these things are special little 'extra' meanings to the simple anchor picture that you wouldn't neccessarily notice at first glance. And our lives are like that, too.
When we're first born, we don't understand that our lives have meaning. We eat, sleep, cry, eat more, cry more, and (hopefully for our parents) sleep more. We need to be taught the ways of the Lord. We must be taught that our lives have meaning - more meaning than might first appear on the surface. We must be taught how much our Lord loves us. We must learn what He did for us.
Just like meaning in a picture can be hidden at first glance, meaning in our lives can be hidden at first glance. But what a richness of meaning and colour and joy in life is found when we entrust ourselves to the Great Shepherd!
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