Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Colourful Story

Once upon a time, I set out to write a story using as many colour puns as possible.

This was difficult, because although I was fully reddy to do this task, writing colour puns is a bit of a grey area. However, I started doing it.
Everything was working out just peachy. I wasn't getting viole(n)t, the navy wasn't getting called out, I wasn't getting crimsonally put in jail. My hide wasn't even getting tanned with a s(pink)ing. No one was getting browned off. It was cyan-tifically proven.
After a while I stopped for a bit of a break. Whiting can be tiring, you see, and I was feeling a bit off-colour. I'm a bit green-fingered so I went out into the garden. I put some plants in one by one. As they went I yell(ow)ed, "In-di-go!"
Pretty soon after that I came black inside with more puns. But I'd run out of room on my page. I blue it!
"Never mind", I thought. "O'live."
I was struck with an idea. I turned a new beige and started again. I'm not going to be marooned by having no room to write my puns! I'd found the silver lining in a difficult situation. The fact that I'd blown it had merely been a pigment of my imagination.
I kept writing and writing. Eventually I decided to stop because I'd run out of puns. The resulting outcome was absolutely gold. Orange you thinking the same thing?

Thanks for being such good purple and reading this. :)

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  1. Very colourful, Bonnie.

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