Tuesday, 11 November 2014

50 Things To Do If You Are Bored

Now, I know that none of you are ever bored. I'm sure you have millions of extremely important uses for your time, and I know that you plan your time very carefully so that you don't have a single "what on earth shall I do now?" moment.
However, maybe, just maybe, you might find yourself wondering what to do with ten minutes. Or even a stray ten seconds. Next time you get a few spare moments, think back to this list and pick an item.
This list is arranged in three parts: hour fillers, minute fillers and second fillers. Surely that's self explanatory! :)

Hour Fillers
1. Read a book
2. Clean out a cupboard
3. Write a long letter to someone telling them how amazing they are
4. Go for a walk or a bike ride
5. Start a game of Monopoly with someone else who is bored (or just play it with yourself)
6. Do a puzzle - the bigger the better!
7. Make a phone call to a far-away relative / friend
8. Write a poem
9. Rearrange something completely random
10. Spend time with a friend
11. Memorize that passage of Scripture you've been wanting to memorize
12. Draw a picture
13. Count to a million
14. Cook something awesome, preferably with a new recipe
15. Pick out new words in the dictionary and learn them. Then use them.
16. Make a bucket list
17. Do a crossword puzzle

Minute Fillers
18. Pick up some of the mess on the floor
19. Practice a musical instrument
20. Indulge in a few minutes worth of your favourite hobby
21. Do a diary entry
22. Play a game with someone
23. Step off a curb with your eyes shut and pretend it's a cliff
24. Pretend you are blind
25. Do some origami
26. Wash the dishes
27. Write a list
28. Or a blog post
29. Or both
30. Think of a random person you know, and pray for them
31. Learn to whistle inwards as well as outwards
32. Read a book to someone small
33. Climb a tree
34. Sew that missing button back onto your clothes

Second Fillers
35. Give someone a piggyback
36. Do starjumps
37. Stare at the back of someone's head until they turn around
38. Do a cartwheel
38. Find someone and tickle them
40. Tell someone they are awesome
41. Practice speaking in a different accent
42. Blow up a balloon until it pops
43. Or just blow up a balloon and pop it with a pin
44. Or blow up a balloon and let it go and shoot around the room
45. Find a skipping rope and skip
46. Practice writing with your non-dominant hand
47. Smile
48. Wink at yourself in a mirror
49. Practice holding your breath
50. Take a photo

Was this list helpful? What do you do when you are bored?
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