Saturday, 9 August 2014

Twelve Terrifically Thrilling Things

I titled this post 'Twelve Terrifically Thrilling Things' because I am a great fan of alliteration. Can't you tell? I mean, just look at my blog's title! Besides, all twelve of the 'things' (various websites and blog posts and videos and an announcement and such) below are terrifically thrilling in their own way. :D Well, what are you waiting for, Bonnie? End this suspense and get on with the list!! What a good idea. I will do just that.

1. These hairstyle ideas. And these hairstyle ideas.

2. These ADORABLE little handmade jewellery pieces. I love this Etsy shop.

3. 3 Common Spelling Mistakes (of course, I always spell everything perfectly :P)

4. This website. Totally pointless, but super awesome. Yay koalas!

5. This awesome Lego movie my brothers made with some friends. :)

6. These (now) famous animals

7. This website, Patience is a Virtue.

8. Rock, Paper, Scissors (or paper, scissors, rock if that's what you call it)

9. Laurel and Hardy doing this particular video.

10. All these tutorials!! My head is spinning!

11. That I can french braid! I've always wanted to be able to and now I can. :D

12. This awesome website that randomly gives you an awesome award just because. :P (Thanks Esther for letting me know about this!!

What did you think? Did you like my twelve terrifically thrilling things? Which one was your favourite?
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