Monday, 4 August 2014

The Hidden Common Snipe

So in this post I gave you all ten images of creatures that were camouflaged. Check out the post if you didn't see it!

Anyway, I was told afterwards that number nine was the hardest one. I couldn't agree more. My sisters and I spent ages trying to find the animal in that one, let me tell you!  It was easier after I googled "what does the common snipe look like" after we saw on another website that that was what was hiding. So we found what we were supposed to be looking for, which helped dramatically! Soon after we discovered that information I found the hidden snipe.  I spotted it... hiding ever so secretly on the bank of the river.

Here is the original hidden snipe picture. Can you find it?? If you can, just don't bother reading the rest of the post because it's kinda boring if you can already do it. If you can't, spend some more time trying to find the hidden animal before you give up and continue reading my post, which tells you eventually where it is.

The first picture of this that I put on the original post was super blurry. Sorry if that hampered your methods! I have since edited it so there is now the un-blurry image on the original post as well as here.

And here is the common snipe. This is what the bird that is hiding looks like.

WARNING: Do not proceed unless you have sweated over the picture for hours (well, several minutes, anyway) and absolutely, positively, CANNOT find the animal. Please don't cheat until you absolutely have to. Remember: we found it, so you can too!

Annnnd... dun, dun, dun.... *scary music*... here are the answers. The hidden snipe... unmasked!!

For those of you who STILL cannot see it, the bird's yellow and black striped head is almost exactly in the top right quarter of the black oval. You can see his beak coming down diagonally towards the bottom left quarter of the oval. His body is slanting down towards the left of the oval, coming right through where two of the rush/bush/sticky thingies cross over each other.

There you are. Good job. Did you manage to find him before I showed you? Well done if you did!
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  1. .............

    I would be a TERRIBLE hunter!! I searched, and searched. I even looked where you said it was, but I STILL DON'T SEE IT!!!!! Yeek... Hahaaa, I could never find out IF snipes were really real or not! You know, with people playing fake snipe hints and stuff. :) Hahaa, now I know!! You should do more of those! I really like them! :)
    ~Sarah Margaret♥

    1. Good job, Sarah! It took me quite a while to find it, I must admit. It was definitely the hardest one!


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