Monday, 30 December 2013

The Results - part 1

Well, and here are the results to the Quiz Time quizzes. I apologize profusely for not having posted this sooner, but I have struck several obstacles including the losing of my answers and the losing of everyone else's answers! So I had to start again from scratch. Sorry about that! Anyway, here it is.

I'm going to go backwards, giving the answers to Quiz Time section 3 first.

Question 1: This person broke their collarbone by falling out of a bottom bunk quite a few years ago.

The correct answer is: Sophie (I think she was four or five at the time)

Question 2: This person is the only member of our family who does not like peppermint.

The correct answer is: Lydia (she doesn't even like peppermint flavoured candy canes!)

Question 3: This person is the only member of our family who has two middle names.

The correct answer is: Jacob (Jacob Joseph Daniel Smithies)

Question 4: This person has played tennis more than anyone else in our family.

The correct answer is: Danella (she played tennis a whole season longer than most of the rest of us.)

Question 5: This person is the only male child in our family who has had surgery.

The correct answer is: Caleb (he had grommets earlier this year)

Question 6: This person was the first child in our family to own an ipod.

The correct answer is: Me (I won it in a competition - it even has my name engraved on the back!)

And here are the different guessers, with their scores. 

Jason L: 4 correct
Sophie: 6 correct 

(And don't worry about it not being fair that Sophie is a member of our family, she only entered this one quiz so her score is much lower overall.)

I was sad that not very many people attempted this quiz. I mean - it wasn't even that difficult! Oh well. If you didn't enter, that is your loss.

I will be back later with the answers and scores for Quiz Time section 2!

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