Thursday, 12 December 2013

Quiz Time - section Two

Thank you thank you thank you to all you who entered the previous section of Quiz Time! You all did very well. :) I think you know our family better than I thought you did. :)

(Oh, and if you didn't enter, don't worry, you can still enter any of the sections while the quiz is still running. The winner is going to be overall.)

Now for this next section!!  

For this one, I have prepared a list of funny things certain members of this household have said over the years. There are six of them. Each are labeled Item 1, Item 2 and so on. If you think you know who said which item, then comment your answer. For example: If you think Abbie said Item 1, then type "Item 1: Abbie". 

Get it??
Here we go.

Item 1: "We eat Easter Eggs to make Jesus happy."

Item 2: "I told Daddy that I had a sore tummy and he said it was because I had too many cream puffs. He has a heartless heart."

Item 3: (After being told that he needed to go outside and get some fresh air) "I'm full of fresh air. I can't have any more. I've got no more room."

Item 4: "I get on my bed with the raspberry flop." (This person meant the Fosbury flop, high jumping technique!)

Item 5: "Do you know how I know that? Because I knew it, that's why."

Item 6: "(insert certain friend's name) is nice. She's the same age as me but older."


  1. Hi Bonnie,
    I presume that I am still eligible...
    Here are my entries:
    Item 1: Lydia
    Item 2: Johnny
    Item 3: Johnny (you sort of gave it away when you said 'he'!)
    Item 4:Johnny
    Item 5: Bonnie
    Item 6: Bonnie

    1. yuss... you are eligible... (and I said 'he' on that one because I didn't want to make it impossible.)

      well done, you'll find out later whether you are right or not...

  2. Item 1: Lydia
    Item 2: Ben, Johnny?
    Item 3: Johnny
    Item 4: Johnny
    Item 5: Bonnie (this sounds like you ;)
    Item 6: Abbie
    If I might be so rude as to mention... But Danella's comment sorta gave it away... :) I tried not to copy.

    1. I don't mind if you copy. :) You might be right, you might be wrong. Seriously, it's your game!!!

      And you might be surprised as to who actually said item 5!!!!

      (And for item 2, do you mean Ben or Johnny? Because I'm going to mark it wrong unless you have just one name in there.)

  3. I reckon the last one is Abbie, but I have no idea who said the others. :s
    Maybe number 5 is Bonnie?

    1. So you are guessing Item 6: Abbie and Item 5: Bonnie? Cool.


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