Saturday, 14 December 2013

Quiz Time - section three

Remember my two short quizzes on how well you know our family??? (There's still time to enter them, but the way! here and here) Well, here's Quiz Time section Three!

This time I have questions to ask. Each answer is a member of our family's name. See if you can correctly answer each question.

(Note: the pictures are not intended as clues.)

Question 1: This person broke their collarbone by falling out of a bottom bunk quite a few years ago.

Question 2: This person is the only member of our family who does not like peppermint.

Question 3: This person is the only member of our family who has two middle names.

Question 4: This person has played tennis more than anyone else in our family.

Question 5: This person is the only male child in our family who has had surgery.

Question 6: This person was the first child in our family to own an ipod.

Each are labeled Question 1, Question 2 and so on. If you think you know who said which item, then comment your answer. For example: If you think Abbie is the answer to Question 1, then type "Question 1: Abbie".

Have fun!!


  1. 1. Abbie
    2. I don't want to affend anyone...
    3. Jacob
    4. Sophie
    5. Caleb
    6. Bonnie

    -Jason L.

    1. Don't worry. You won't offend anyone. :) Are you sure you don't want to guess?

    2. Okay. Sure. I will.

      2. Sophie.

      Wait... can I change guesses?

      If so...

      4. Danella.

      -Jason L.

  2. easy............


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