Monday, 9 December 2013

Hijinks and Happiness

Well, after a week of relaxation and full-time holidaying, I now have a nice selection of photographs to show here for you. The majority of them were taken by my talented sister Abbie, but I did take some of them.

Hijinks in the van on the way there. :)

See the gorgeous scenery behind me!

Roses and the sea.... a slice of paradise right there...

Danella and Sophie

A friend playing with their family's dogs.

Running along the beach. (Abbie asked I do this for the photo. The spray soaked my shorts and the sharp stones on the sand were really painful so I'm not actually running - it's kind of a limping jog!!)

Danella and me

Here we are again

And again.

Ben and Johnny raising a stick on the beach with the help of some friends, Lydia and Caleb.

Lydia relaxing in the hammock after a hard day's work holidaying.

Cricket on the beach. Johnny actually hit the ball!

I missed.

Beautiful  Lydia

This dog is so funny with sticks.

Do you want more photos?


  1. I would like to see more photos. It looks like you had a very fun time!

    By the way, what has happend to your house situation?

    1. We did have a fun time!
      More photos can be viewed on Danella's blog Footprints in the Sand post.

      And I might post more here, too.

      Our house situation! It's quite interesting to say the least!!
      We haven't bought any properties in particular at the moment because the one I mentioned a while ago has fallen through. We're just keeping on praying and trusting that God will provide us with a property when the time is right.

  2. LOVE the photo of Lydia on the hammock! Who took it? I honestly thought it was a proffesional photo..

    1. I think it's quite a cute photo! Glad you like it, Sayna. I took it one day when Lydia was on the hammock. The hammock wasn't actually on the property we were staying in, Grandma and Grandad took it over with them and put it up between two trees at the place they stayed in. It's really nice to have your grandparents staying just down the hill!

  3. I'd like to see more pictures! I love seeing pictures. :)

    1. Me too. :) I think I'll post more here some other time, but at the moment you can check out Danella's blog Footprints in the Sand post here for more photos. :)


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