Friday, 17 February 2017

Michael // coming up six months old

Several of you have been requesting photos of Michael (and I know I promised photos of him so I can't blame you:)). Well, here you go! This is the post for you. :) He'll be six months old on the 29th of February.

Allow me to first of all apologize for the quality of the photos. My go-to camera for taking nice photos is usually found with a dead battery or not able to be found at all (joys of living in a big family) so I often have to resort to my cellphone. Which doesn't take such nice photos. :/ But I'm hopeful you'll enjoy them anyway. :)

Caleb is holding little Michael here.

His smiles and giggles bring us such joy!

He's a very happy baby

this one looks like he's about to scream but I think he was actually about to chuckle believe it or not

 Here I am holding him. Well like two thirds of me anyway.

Why so surprised, Michael??? :D

Well there are your requested photos! Hope you are having a fabulous day.
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PS. I'm so sorry - I accidentally published this a day early and had to quickly retract it!


  1. Oh I loved these! *smiles* he's precious! I bet you are beyond happy to be home with your family!
    Are the fires out yet? I saw something on pinterest, about these fires. *hopes I don't embarrass myself if the fires were forever ago*=)

    1. Isn't he precious! :D
      Yep it's pretty wonderful.
      They aren't.... unfortunately. I'm impressed you know about the fires! It's been pretty crazy in Christchurch the last few days. Today is the fourth day of the massive fires. You can read more about it on the NZ news website, it gives all the info better than I could.
      My family is fortunately a ways away from everything, so we've just gone about our normal lives but all the destruction is truly tragic.

  2. Ahhh he's so cute. His smile is contagious. you got a cute brother ;)


  3. Oh, Bonnie...he is an angel! Look at that wee darling face...what a sweet blessing he must be to you, my friend! Love these pictures... I just can't believe that he is almost six months...time flies with a baby in the house! Give him a cuddle for me, would you? {{smiles}}
    Hugs and love to you, Bonnie!

    1. He is such a blessing to our family. The months have gone so fast! How old is Caleb now? He's a bit older though I think.
      Hugs and love right back at you.

  4. Oh my goodness, he is so adorable!! Can't believe it's nearly 6months already!

  5. He looks quite a bit older than when I last saw him... He seems to have a habit of being asleep whenever I'm at your house recently :)

    1. I bet Rebekah looks a bit older than when I last saw her!


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