Monday, 20 February 2017

3 Everyday Problems

Over the past couple of  years, I've participated in competitions for christian writers. I'm involved in a group called NZ Christian Writers which hold competitions every 2 months. Two years ago some of my siblings entered along with me, then last year my siblings were busy so I was the only entrant in the Under 20 category.

I love entering competitions! Since I was the only entrant in the category last year, I won the first prize. Whether you're the only entrant or there are many, entering competitions is awesome (and not just because you can win things). You gain experience and (in the Christian writing magazine anyway) you get helpful comments from the judges.

Anyway, I came across some of my past entries into the competitions and I thought maybe I'd share one or two of them on my blog. This is one I wrote which was entered into the August 2016 competition called '3 Everyday Problems' and the following is the requirements for the competition.

What are three everyday problems that bother you and what can you do about them? (Opinion piece.) 250 words.

3 Everyday Problems 
by Bonnie Smithies

There are many everyday problems we face in the first world. In general, it is our attitude towards these problems that is important.

For example, many people complain about not having enough hours in the day. There is too much to do and not enough time to do it in. The thing is, every single person on the face of the earth has exactly the same number of hours and minutes as the next person! It’s all about your attitude towards it. If you prioritize your time by doing things like making lists, you’ll find that you get more done and most importantly, do the important things.

Another problem we all face is the ever increasing epidemic of technology use. Cellular phones and social media are a blessing to society- but they can also be a curse. They must be controlled or they will control us. It is helpful to do things like switching off your device when you spend time with family and friends. You are in charge of your technology, not the other way round!

The third problem I would like to discuss is when your icecream melts before you can eat it. You know the feeling – holding your icecream cone and watching the cold treat slowly melt before your eyes and dribble down the cone onto your hand. As with the previous two problems, it is all about your attitude. It is wise to have a good attitude towards it and calmly manage the problem – in this situation, eat the icecream as fast as you can.

Do you enter competitions? 
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You can read past magazines of the NZ Christian Writers for free here! My blog readers who are into writing might find them useful or interesting. 


  1. I enjoyed that. I like your third problem and recommended solution! ;) It lightened it up nicely.

    I think I've only entered one writing competition.. It was good though; it'd be nice to do it more often. That's good you have opportunity to enter those competitions regularly. It looks like a good magazine! :)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Something a little different, anyway! :)


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