Saturday, 11 February 2017

Final American Adventures post

I've been back in NZ for like twelve days now and returned two days ago from the family holiday over on the West Coast (specifically Karamea) which was lovely. I'm enjoying being home and am gradually adjusting to life being a bit different to what it was!

Anyway, I've gone through all my America photos and found these ones that I never showed you. They are all from the last couple of weeks I was in Tennessee. Enjoy! :) 

We visited an Amish community. It was so fascinating! This is one of the houses. They all looked quite similar to me.

Two buggies pulled up on the side of the road with two Amish men in the buggies having a bit of a chat while we drove in between.

We saw Davy Crockett's home. It was a little wooden cabin in the middle of a suburban township! 

Unfortunately although the sign said the cabin was open for people to go in and look around, the door was locked, so we had to content ourselves with peering through the window.

In the center is the American flag, on the right is the flag for the state of Tennessee, and I have no idea what the flag on the left is. Perhaps one of my American readers can enlighten me?? :)

Two of my three violin pupils. Left, Vision Allison; right, Noble Barrett. Not pictured is Arrow Johnson who unfortunately broke his arm during my stay there so he couldn't continue learning. :/ The boys were such fantastic violin pupils and learnt so quickly! Noble was doing the Star Wars theme and some fiddling tunes when I left.

This is Mr and Mrs Campbell with Hannah and I. We were all dressed up to attend a wedding. It was lovely. :) Also, does my shortness become even more apparent when I say that I was actually on tiptoe for the photo???? 

At Nashville airport, Hannah about to hop on her flight for Houston (and then Canada) and me about to sit down and wait for a few hours until I could catch my flight to San Francisco (and then New Zealand). We're both pulling sad faces because we left each other.... :/ Hannah I miss you come backkkkkk! <3

The sunset out my plane window as we took off from Nashville airport. I was lucky enough to get a window seat for all three of my return flights! 

I felt like the beautiful sunset was a special way to leave... a gorgeous close on a really wonderful chapter of my life. 

So anyway, that's all the photos from America I think I'll put up here! Next set of photos I think will be photos of our time in Karamea and probably some photos of Michael, since he is now FIVE months old (yes, five, you read that right, I can't believe it either) and ridiculously incredibly cute. So you can be looking forward to those and some other posts I have planned.

And life for me right now? I've got one more paper (Estates Law) left of my qualification so I'm completing that this year. I'm hoping to get a job in a law office preferably for around 30 hours a week but we'll see! So I've polished up my CV (you Americans call it a resume) and am applying for some.

I'm so excited about what 2017 will hold. Lots of adventures, I'm sure!

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EDIT: Good grief, I've just realised my blog passed it's 4 year blogiversary in January and I completely missed it. What an on-to-it blogger I am. :P Happy 4 years to Bonnie's Blessings anyway, lol.


  1. Welcome back! :D It's nice to read and see some of your adventures! All the best with getting a job too - it seems to be one of those things easier said than done!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy reading about my adventures.
      Although a job is what I'm aiming for, if I end up with a relaxing time at home for a while, I won't be complaining!

  2. It looks like so much fun! I might have to call on you in potential travels "down south" if I ever go!

  3. Awe, I am glad you had that experience Bonnie! And that sunset was beautiful!

  4. Ooh yay! You're back! I loved reading this post, so fun!
    Now that I think about it, it would've been fun to meet you!
    I so wanna ride on a plane! And window seats are so wonderful!

    1. Yayy I'm back! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.
      It would have! Where do you live?
      Aeroplanes are fun until you hop on a long haul flight. Then the fun wears off quickly. :P

  5. Oh, you must delighted to be home, Bonnie...but missing some aspects of Above Rubies life, I am sure! What fun to follow your adventures and catch glimpse of life in the Campbell home! {{smiles}}
    I am so thankful to hear your trip was smooth...I was thinking and praying for you, my friend!
    Aww...little Michael is five months?? Can't wait for those pictures! So glad your family got some time together...
    Welcome back Bonnie and happy blog anniversary! Four years...what an achievement!
    Hugs and love to you and...I have NOT forgotten about you! That letter will be making its way to you soon...please forgive your terribly terrible pen pal:(

    1. I'm thrilled to be back, yep! And of course missing the AR people.
      Thanks for the welcome back! And thanks for the congratulations to my blog. :D
      Hugs and love right back at you.
      OF COURSE you are forgiven! No worries at all! Don't stress about it! Honestly I'm just as bad. :P

  6. Welcome back Bonnie!! Glad to read your blog again :)



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