Thursday, 11 February 2016

Sunburnt Legs and Sin

*back from holiday now* - will post holiday photos when I get them sorted out! :)

See this photo from our holiday? 

Yeah, that one. That's me. Those legs, those poor, fiery hot, tender and ridiculously painful legs are mine. They are attached to me and I am therefore responsible for them.

Have you ever been sunburned really bad? I have. The last time (before the time I'm talking about) I was sunburnt bad was a few years ago. I often get a bit burnt, but not usually really bad. 

It is painful. Your legs feel like they are burning up.. for days. Then when they start improving and the red fiery colour starts slowly turning brownish, you peel. Sheets of your skin start coming off and your limbs look really unsightly! Peeling can last for days and weeks.

The crazy thing was, my legs were only unprotected in the sun for a few minutes. I don't know how long it was but it didn't feel too long. I am usually careful about sun exposure because I know my fair skin burns easily. I use sunscreen, a hat and stay in the shade!

But all it took was that small amount of unprotected sun exposure. (New Zealand has one of the highest levels of UV radiation and getting burnt is really easy).

I regretted those actions many times over the next few days. (I discovered lots of things I hadn't known before. Cold, wet towels on the legs being great relief, did you know that?)

But all the regret in the world can't change something. And all the sunscreen I've worn in the past didn't help me when I was burnt! It's the present that makes a difference. 

I should have been sitting in the shade. Or put sunscreen on. I certainly paid the price for my actions! And learnt a lesson.

It struck me that my spiritual life could learn a lesson from that too. My sin is like getting sunburnt.
No matter how many times I've sinned (or not sinned) in the past, it's right now that is important. If I don't resist temptation, there are a lot of painful things that will happen. I will pay the consequences of my actions!

And those consequences might be nasty and continue for quite a while. Like my sunburn.


  1. That would have hurt. You are right. Sin is like getting Sunburnt.

  2. Replies
    1. Poor me indeed... :P (how dare you feed my self pity??? :P :P :P)
      Haha, thanks :)


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