Sunday, 14 February 2016

Musing on Valentine's

Ah, Valentine's Day. The official day for the couples to celebrate and the single people to mourn. :P
Firstly. Valentine's Day makes for some interesting Internet memes, am I right? Here are a couple... just 'cause I knew you'd enjoy them too! :)
Yep. You've been warned. It's dangerous going on social media a week on either side of February 14th.
Haha. Subtle.

The passive aggressiveness! :P
Anyway. Valentine's Day.
Some people see V's Day as a day to celebrate being in love with that special someone.
Some people see it as a chance to buy yourself lots of chocolate and commiserate with yourself that you don't have that special someone.
Some people purposefully forget it exists.
And some people... (namely, me!) see it as an awesome opportunity to say I LOVE YOU to the people that mean a lot to you (in a completely unromantic way)!

So, whether you are an old friend of mine who stalks my blog, a new friend of mine who stalks my blog, a friend I've met through blogging and have never met in person, a plain stalker who isn't a friend at all (I don't actually think I have any of these), someone who's reading my blog for the first time, WHOEVER YOU ARE, I love you!

You, my friend, are awesome!

I wouldn't be blogging without you.

Stay fantastic. (And maybe eat a bit of chocolate to celebrate Valentine's, 'kay?)
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  1. Those photos are funny. Did you make them up with the photos, or did you find them on the internet?

  2. What? Single people are meant to mourn? :O No one told me this!

    1. :P They're not meant to!! No one told you that because it's not true. Single people sometimes mourn if they want to. Each person is their own and decides what Valentine's Day means for them! :)

  3. The videos were funny. So were a few of the quotes. :) Happy belated Valentine's day. :)
    ps. I replied to your comment...just letting you know. :)

    1. Happy belated Valentine's right back at ya! :) Thanks for replying to the comment.


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