Sunday, 25 October 2015

Lilla Rose Flexi Clip Review

Hey everyone!

So for positively ages I've been seeing these wee flexi clips around. They are hair clips that are supposed to hold your hair amazingly, feel really comfortable in your hair and be really strong and durable. They are unique pins that come in an array of sizes to fit any head of hair, and colours to complement any outfit.

Anyway, Lilla Rose (the company who makes them) was having a sale recently. So I decided to see for myself if these flexi clips that I'd been hearing so much about really did what they were supposed to do. Besides, they really are extremely beautiful and I loved the idea of such versatile hair clips. So I purchased two - the Tidepool Treasures flexi in extra small, and the Soaring Butterfly in medium.

Then I waited. (Postage to New Zealand seemed to take forever! 11 days in total.)

And then... my beautiful flexi clips arrived.

The first one, Tidepool Treasures, is a beautiful silver clip with blue beading around the figure eight and an aqua blue starfish in the center. It is a lovely clip. I ordered it in extra small because I wanted a clip that could be used for half-up styles and this certainly is proving useful for that.

The second one is a silver clip with a gorgeous silver butterfly placed in the middle. It has deep purple beading in different shades around the outside. It really is beautiful and has probably ended up being my favourite of the two clips I ordered. I got a medium sized Soaring Butterfly and am really happy with the sizing. It's a bit too big to hold my ponytail neatly, but holds buns perfectly if I'm careful with how I position it.


Company service - I found the company sensational and wonderful to work with. They were great with contact, dispatched the clips fast and really gave me a great experience. The clips are well made and certainly live up to the Lilla Rose promises. (There are even guarantees for if you got a size you didn't like.) The clips came beautifully (and safely) packaged. I was really happy with the company service.

Clips themselves - While I do love the clips, there are a couple of things I would mention:
- They aren't as comfortable to wear as I was imagining. The reviews I read said they were extremely comfortable, and the website said so too. While they certainly aren't uncomfortable, they do take a bit of getting used to and I can feel the clip is there, especially if I had to dig it into my hair quite deep to get it to hold properly.
- It's a bit harder to use them than I was expecting. All the videos on youtube on how to style them make them look so easy! It can be tricky trying to get them into position neatly, and then to hold all the hair and not fall out. They're easy if you know what you're doing. ;)
- I was a bit disappointed I didn't get a 'small' size. Extra small is just a teeny bit too small to fit my ponytail, and my medium is just too big! I didn't plan that very well, did I. :P There's supposed to be a 'perfect' size for everyone and while you can use most sizes, it's just not as easy. I think small is my perfect size based on my experience of not having it! If I ever get another one, I'm definitely buying the small size. (This isn't anything against the company or the clips, it's my fault for not researching the sizing well enough!)
- If you plan to buy a flexi clip, I'd recommend waiting till the company has a sale. They sometimes have quite big sales so it's wise to wait for one! The clips are surprisingly expensive so you'll want to choose wisely.

So, in conclusion!

I absolutely love the flexi clips. They are beautiful, and once you've played around with styling them a bit, work great! :)
Highly recommended, just wait for a sale on the company's website. ;)

I'm not being reimbursed in any way for my review, I just wanted to review them, just so you know. :)

Have you tried flexi clips? What do you think of them?
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PS. I'm away for a week from today, so any posts between now and a week or so from now are scheduled. :)


  1. I really like flexi clips! Last December I got the gold Tree of Life one in medium, and love it! It's a teeny bit too small to hold my hair in a bun, but works pretty well when I do my hair in a braid, then fold it up and clip it that way. My mom has a small one that works for 'sides back', which is what we call what they call half-up (I'm pretty sure).
    I agree, they are a little tricky when you first get them. Mine has the tendency to get lopsided if I don't put it in securely enough.

    I myself am hoping to get another one soon! They have so many different designs, it's really hard to pick. ;)

    Your review pretty much spoke all of my thoughts on them. :)

    Rachel M.

    1. I love the design of the Tree of Life, Rachel! If I got another one it would maybe be that one.
      It was interesting reading about the different styles you can do with your clips. I feel like I'm still very much a 'newbie' when it comes to these! :) haha :)

      Great minds think alike. ;)


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