Sunday, 4 October 2015

Blogger Tutorial: The "Copy Image URL" button

Greetings, friends!

Today I've got something very special to share with you all. Now, this is something I've only just figured out for myself, so apologies if you've known it for yonks. This is a Blogger tutorial for those who have Blogger blogs. :) Sorry, Wordpress or non-bloggy friends.

Anyway, this tutorial involves adding an image to your blog post without having to go through the rigmarole of saving it to your computer files. It's fast, neat, quick and easy. All you have to have is Blogger (and, I'm assuming, a Windows computer... not sure if Apples would do this or not.. but anyway!).

Obviously, if you source your images off Google images do be aware that some of the images are copyrighted. Use images from there with discretion. (If you choose not to use Google images, you can do this same method from a lot of sites, I haven't experimented with many but I'm sure it's possible. :P )

Also note that Pinterest will let you use this same method. It's possible to get an image from just about anywhere on to Pinterest by doing this same thing. It's different of course because Pinterest is not Blogger but you're able to do it pretty easily.

For quite a long time I'd been frustrated because the process of saving images to files on the computer annoys me. I knew it was possible to upload images from URLs but the question was how to get the URL! Uploading the image to Photobucket was way too complicated. And then I found a (very simple and obvious) way to do it.

Step 1:
Go into Google Images (or Facebook, or Pinterest, or Bonnie's Blessings, or wherever you're sourcing your image).

For my example, I'm just google image searching the word "scenery".
I decide I like the look of the purple lake.

Step 2:
Click on it to open the image.
Here's my purple lake.

Step 3:
Once you've opened it up, right-click on the image.

Step 4:
Select the seventh item in the option box. This should be called "Copy Image URL".

Step 5:
It won't seem like it's done anything, but it's saved the image URL to your clipboard. This means that you can now continue.

Step 6:
Make sure you're on a new Blogger draft post. Click on the image adding icon.

Step 7: Instead of using the 'upload' button to upload a file from your computer, select "From a URL" to paste the ULR directly from your clipboard.

Step 8: Once you've opened that up, click Ctrl + P to paste the URL directly into the URL field. You should see a copy of the image below. Click on "Add selected".

And you are done! Wasn't that easy!

Did you know that existed and what it can do?
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  1. Yep, I use it all the time! I don't even know how I found it. Probably just by reading through the context menu (option box) because that's the kind of thing I do!

    1. Hehe. I don't quite know how I managed to get along with it now I know it's there! :)

  2. That is pretty handy at times. :) BTW--did you know that Pinterest pictures are copyright, too--just as much as the ones on Google?


    1. I'm sure they are. A rather large bunch of images on the internet seem to be copyright! :) My point was not that Pinterest images aren't copyright, but illustrating what you can do with a certain tool.
      Thanks for commenting.

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    Allie D.

  4. I never knew that Bonnie. Thanks for sharing this helpful tool!


    1. You're welcome! If there's one person who found it helpful then it was totally worth posting. :)


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