Tuesday, 4 February 2014

She's A Day Old

Here are some super cute photos of a super cute little sister, now a whole day old. :)

My sweet little sister asleep in my arms :)

She cuddled right in close to me... awww.... cuteness overload!

I love you, Jana!


  1. Super cute! You're making me baby hungry...
    Is she by any chance, named after Jana Duggar? I spent most of the day yesterday, wondering what you would name her. Lol.

    1. Lol, that was our intent... :) JK :)

      Not neccessarily. We just think it's a really nice name. And it has a pretty meaning, too. :) Of course, Jana Duggar is a lovely person though, but we weren't intentionally naming our sister after her.

    2. Jana meaning 'God is gracious'?

    3. Yes, God's Gift, Gift from God, God is gracious, God's Gracious Gift etc.

      It actually comes from the root name John, so it's the same meaning as that.


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