Monday, 3 February 2014

Biking Trip Photos

Well, we're back from our biking trip and apart from a few stiff muscles, found it great. :) The weather was wonderful (so wonderful I'm now really sunburnt in spite of all the sunblock I used!) and we had lots of fun.

Here are some photos. They are all in a random order, sorry for that.

Parking the bikes while we ate lunch

Us biking down the road. I'm in front, then Caleb, then Danella, then Laura.

Setting up the campsite

More setting up the campsite

We set up the campsite!

The guy's tent

The girl's tent

A random hole in the hedge looking out to Lake Ellesmere

The lake

"No, this is how it should be done!"

Moral of the story - You should go on a biking trip sometime.


  1. Really subtle moral, Bonnie :)
    What else are you doing for Duke of Edinburgh?

    1. I tried. :P

      As well as the Adventurous Journey, we have to do a Physical Recreation component (I used netball), a Learn a New Skill component (piano), and a Community Service component (I helped out at the Church office for that). That and the Adventurous Journey and the Training for it makes up the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.


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