Tuesday, 11 April 2017

A + A // life in an office

Good morning! Good morning! Good morning morning morning!

Who's excited? I am! This is awkward and awesome... office edition :D Featuring some office life anecdotes and some random life anecdotes from the past few weeks. Enjoy.


Meeting forty people who work in the same office as me on my first day of work and getting told all their names, and meeting them subsequently in days after and not being able to remember what on earth their names are.

- Posting something controversial on the internet. I can't decide if it's worth it. You get too many people telling you that your opinions aren't any good and I'm pretty sure nobody's minds are changed!

- Facebook Messenger helpfully telling the other person you've read their message. Like, oh dear, I wanted an excuse to not have to reply for a few days.....

- The fact that it is possible to be surrounded by people all day and still to feel lonely.

- Forgetting to bring my phone in to work so I had nothing to do on my breaks but talk to people and study. :/ What a hard life I lead.

- When you're with a group of people you don't know incredibly well and they crack inside jokes at each other and make references to something from the past that all of them know about and then they have to keep explaining the jokes and references to you so you don't feel left out.

- Seeing someone you haven't seen for a while and going through that awkward "Do I hug them, do I not, do I maybe shake their hand?" conversation in your head. It's not fabulous.

- Noticing you overuse a word. Sorry, people in my life, I just like calling others (and myself, let's be honest) a numpty.


- Cheesecake. I have recently eaten the best cheesecake I have ever tasted.

- Meeting someone who has the same sense of humour as me, and who belly laughs at all my jokes. Then proceeds to tell me many of her favourite jokes (which of course I love) so we both end up literally crying we're having such a good time. It was epic.

- Looking at a massive file at work I'd just spent a long period of time going through and thinking, "Did I seriously just wade through that monster?"

- Being able to really encourage someone. Makes your day (and theirs of course!).

- Dreading the dash out to the sleepout for bed at night when it's raining all day. Then discovering when I wanted to go to bed the rain had stopped, so I had a nice dry walk. Then when I was in bed the rain started again.

- Spontaneous random hanging out with people. Some friends and I went to a park late in the evening and had fun on things like the flying fox. Why is the flying fox supposed to be just for little kids???? It's awesome!

- Quizzes! I love them. Quizzes are amazing.

- Tidying my desk. Crazy how quick it gets piled with random files and papers and all sorts. Feels so good to have it clean. It leaves me with a great feeling about life. :D

- The fact that the building opposite my work has 'Everything is going to be alright' written on it in neon lettering. No idea how or why that got put there but it's such a nice reminder to see when walking to work! Not that I'm worried everything won't be alright, but it's just nice to see it there. :)

- Planning camp. Nothing more exciting than that.

Are you a tidy desk person or a messy desk person?
What do you think - is posting something controversial on the internet a good idea? I'm thinking specifically of Facebook.
Do you overuse any words?

Also what are you all doing for Easter? I'm going away to Nelson for like two days so I'm excited. :) I was gonna do a reflective post on Easter but so far I haven't had time so watch this space but don't get disappointed if nothing happens, lol.

Anyway, have an amazing Easter and be nice to people okay
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  1. I used to be a strict tidy desk person but since I don't use much it now the mess is building up around the edges.
    Posting controversial stuff on FB is a great way to get into a debate and remember it's not about convincing the person you're debating but the fence-sitting onlookers. Still don't know if I'd recommend it.

    1. Oh yes... not using a desk is the biggest proponent of mess building up!

      But are there fence sitting onlookers? Do they exist? :P

    2. Onlookers definitely exist, I've made opinions based on research triggered by reading debates. Not on matters where I'd already made up my mind ie. faith and ethics, but on subjects like trump and Arkancide

  2. I would say I am a tidy desk person! I like having my work space very clean! :)
    My family is coming over my house for Easter! I am REALLY EXCITED!!! (especially for the food! lol!!!!)

    1. Having a clean work space is great isn't it.

      Oh cool! Food is a brilliant reason to be excited! :D

  3. Oh, I love these posts, Bonnie! Such a lovely glimpse into ''Bonnie's World''! {{smiles}} Glad to hear you're well, friend! And how is that precious baby brother of yours?? I hope that by now my letter has arrived in New Zealand...again, I am terribly sorry for how long it took to write back to you! {{blushes}} I am so excited for you that you now have your own job and that you're enjoying it! I recently started working too...just part time. I love it! {{Smiles}} Thinking of you and sending hugs your way!

    1. Oh Kelly-Anne I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to tell you... your letter arrived! :) I just loved reading it and have begun a reply although who knows when it will get posted! Life just gets crazy sometimes.
      So THANK YOU for it! You're so sweet!
      And wow that's so exciting about your part time job... what are you doing?
      hugs right back at you <3

    2. I am thrilled to hear you received my letter, thank you, Bonnie! {{smiles}}
      Aww! I SO understand, Bonnie! I am sure you are finding, like me, that on the days you ARE home, there is just too much to catch up on, and not only that, but I find I am just far too tired to tackle much of anything! So you take your time, my friend! No rush whatsoever...
      I am working at a sweet little gift shop a couple days a week and it is proving to be a remarkable blessing in a great many ways! Thinking of you and sending plenty of love your way!
      Take care!

  4. Hello Bonnie!

    First off, let me say congratulations on getting your job...I don't remember if I commented on that post or not, but anyway....

    I can totally understand that second to the last awkward moment. When you know someone and you don't know if you should hug them or shake their hand...

    Happy Easter to you and your family!
    Blessings and love in Christ from Ashley, from the U.S.

    1. Thank you! <3 I am enjoying my new job and I'm so thankful to the Lord for his provision.

      So frustrating isn't it! :) Some of these things happen to all of us I think!

      Hope you and your family had a lovely Easter. <3 Hugs from New Zealand!

  5. That awkward are they going for a hug/handshake/high five is sooo awkward! It gets worse when you have a costume on so only have peripheral vision... (yeah, that happened to me a couple of times last week) :)

    1. Oh my goodness Laura, that sounds incredibly awkward. What costume were you wearing? Sounds like there's a bit of a story!

  6. What's wrong with the word numpty?


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