Saturday, 26 November 2016

Music I've Been Loving

There are all sorts of lovely songs out there but these are the ones I've been loving recently. I am working on a blog post with lots of photos of my adventures for you... but in the meantime, enjoy this one! :)

Pushing Back The Dark by Josh Wilson is all about letting your light shine... it talks about how we might not think we can do much ("a single candle in the dark..... don't have what it takes... who are you to make a change?") but how we can't understimate the God we follow! It's really encouraging!

This next song, Shelter by Joy Enriquez, is one I've played over and over recently. What with all the changes in my life (the most notable being moving across the world for two and a half months), a song about how the Lord is our shelter... how he is our fortress and our guide and always by our side is so encouraging! It's a great song for when you need a reminder of God's promises... or just a great song whenever.

Now we have one that I thought long and hard about including... but eventually decided to leave it in. Breathe by Jonny Diaz is a really neat one for anyone who feels stressed or busy! It reminds us to just breathe... and to come and rest at the Father's feet.

Alone by Hollyn (feat. Tru) is a song I first heard on the radio I listen to while I'm driving. It's a really cool, very upbeat song that makes you want to dance! If you watch the lyric video I embedded below, try to ignore the few wrong lyrics/typos it has. :) Good video otherwise! And a neat song.

Our final one is a song to get you excited about Christmas (which is, in case you had forgotten, right around the corner). Whoop whoop! It's my favourite Christmas carol ever, sung by one of the best acappella groups in the world (well I don't actually know if they are one of the best in the world but they truly are fabulous). Here's O Holy Night by Home Free!

And that's the lot for today! :)

Have you heard them before? 
Have you come across any particularly awesome songs recently?

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  1. Just breathe is an awesome song! Have you heard of the song, Just be held?? It's one of my favorites!!

    1. I've never heard Just Be Held, no. I will look into it. Thanks for the recommendation! :D

  2. Wow. I think all these songs need to be added to my "songs I love" list. (Which is like really, REALLY long...but whatever.) Thanks so much for sharing them!! <333

  3. Just Breathe! I haven't heard that one in absolutely AGES! It was on my study playlist, but I haven't used it in a while...joys of #SummerBreaks I guess... :)

    1. Oh cool! It would be a neat song for studying.
      How are you enjoying your break? When do you go back home again?

    2. Break is awesome! Been pretty busy with work the last week (and is set to be the same next week) but that's cool....back home on the 14th Dec....can't wait till that day!!!

  4. I love O' Holy Night. I remember it once being sung at my church and tears welling up in my eyes. It was so lovely! (It still is. :) ) You should listen to 'Slow Fade' from Fireproof.
    I miss you. (It was really nice hearing your voice and seeing you on the video chat.) I am really looking forward to you coming home!!!!

    1. Oh cool! O Holy Night is such a powerful song!!
      I will listen to it next time we get a bit of reliable internet :P I put the videos into this post back in NZ and just did the write-ups here. :D
      I miss you too! I will reply to your email soon. Life is super busy over here!


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