Friday, 12 August 2016

A + A // "Have a lice day!"

- Telling the customers to "have a nice day!" after they've paid for their food. Then thinking that's getting a bit boring so changing it up a bit and telling them to "have a lovely day" instead. Then getting the two mixed up so what comes out is an embarrassing mixture of the two. Dear customers, all we want is for you to have a lice day.

- Turning around while in the kitchen, cooking, to see a mess of raw egg on the floor and Jana standing there with a guilty but surprised expression on her face holding a crushed eggshell. Well, that turned out eggcellently.
- Trying to brush cobwebs off our very high roof. I tried to do it for a while but the roof was a bit high for me to reach (even when standing on a stool and reaching as high as I could with the broom) so Dad ended up taking over. *sings* "Where are you going, up there so high? To brush the cobwebs off the sky!" (I have a funny photo on Instagram of Dad de-cobwebbing.)
- Watching your sister reading on of your blog posts. She's like, "Ohhh!" Then she's like, "Why did you say that??!!" And then, "Hmmmmm" and then "Mmmmm" and then "I'm not sure what this is about" and many other things. Amusing, entertaining, frightening and a bit worrying at the same time!
- Having a blocked ear so you can't really hear anything on one side. Makes you really appreciate your ability to hear things when your ear finally decides to un-block itself.
-  Overheard:
   Younger sibling: "You're a nerd!"
   Another younger sibling: "What's a nerd? Is it someone with no clothes on?"
   Younger sibling: "No, that's a streaker."
   Me: "...... how do they even know what a streaker is....."
- One of the lambs in the paddock across the road escaping and running up and down the fenceline for ages baaing miserably to its mother in the paddock who in return constantly baaed back. So Lydia, Caleb and I had to try and get it back into the paddock which was really hard because it was too big to get through the fence. We chased it up and down the fence for a while then discovered that the gate wasn't locked and was easily opened. Lamb went in like a lamb. (oh wait, it is a lamb) But seriously, how did we not notice that sooner?

- Just having time to think and pray about stuff. I find I connect best with God through prayer when I'm outside, in nature. It's so nice to have a bigger property where there's more 'nature' and 'outside' to go outside to! Being up in our treehouse is great for thinking and praying and reflecting.
- Homemade chocolate peanut butter icecream.
- Narrowly missing biking over this tiny wee guy. So glad I didn't hit him!

- Listening to the rain on the roof. Makes you feel very cosy. Especially when there is a warm fire on inside.
- Long, chatty emails from friends you need to catch up with.
- News of possible snow... very exciting, especially for all the younger members of my family.
- Skiing with friends! This particular friend reads my blog (which I found out on the way up the mountain!) so in honour of the occasion we took multiple selfies. Here's my favourite one (well, I look terrible in it but the others look alright so they'll be happy). Our friend, Frania, is in the middle of the second row. Frania's awesome by the way. Hi, Frania! *waves frantically* I'm picturing you reading this while I write it and I'm excited. Yep, as you said, you're famous. :) Hope you enjoy your famousness. And for the rest of my readers, it would be really cool if you could leave a comment saying hi to Frania! :)

- Watching the Olympics! And cheering on our awesome Kiwi athletes. Go, team New Zealand!
- People-watching. It's such an interesting thing to do! I was in town for a weekly Bible Study and was at the mall running a few errands beforehand. The errands didn't take long and I had time to kill so I just sat down in the food court and watched people. There are so many different kinds of people out there and they are just so interesting!
- Getting to the end of a long shift at work.
- Our new chickens! We have fifteen - five for eggs for ourselves, and ten to raise and sell when they get old enough to lay. They are currently around 16 weeks old I think. They are so cute and funny to watch.
- Poking a completely burnt log in the fire and having it disintegrate into a little shower of sparks and embers. So satisfying.

People-watching: yay or nay?
What's the weather like for you currently?
Do you have little siblings who like to 'help' when you are cooking?
(Don't forget to say hi to Frania!)
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  1. OH, word fumbles are the worst!! Then you have to try to fix it and it ends up coming out like "Oh...uh..I meant...yeah, this is awkward.." :D

    Love these posts, Bonnie! :)


  2. I don't mind people watching me.
    It's a bit cloudy, still a bit of snow from snowmen and a tiny ripple of wind.
    My siblings do like to help me cook sometimes.
    Hi Frania.

    1. Still snow left? Wow! That's cool. Thanks for saying hi to Frania

  3. Awesome post! :) This time, I'll answer your questions too. :D
    Yay! People-watching is fun. :P
    It's been extremely rainy lately.
    Definitely! There's always someone around to "help" me cook.

    1. Thanks! :)
      Great answers! Thanks for commenting.

  4. Oh people watching can be very interesting, although I call it story research. Chasing animals back into paddocks can be quite a trial. We often have cows that get out from the paddock across the road, and they can run fast when they want to.

    1. Story research is a great way of putting it, haha. :) Sneaky animals!! Oh yes, cows can indeed run fast. As we have discovered.

  5. Thankyou so much Bonnie! You're awesome! Finally made the fame of your blog XD this is so sweet! And thanks to everyone who said hi, you're all awesome ^-^ thanks Bonnie! :)

    1. Heheee glad you liked your famous moment! :P 'Twas a great day skiing. Thanks for coming with us.

  6. Oh do you do it? Seriously, I finish reading this post with a big smile on my just have a way of writing that is humorous and serious at the same time! {{Smiles}}

    Having a ''lice'' day...oh, now that is awkward! Ha, and yes...I too wonder where my little siblings pick up the things they do. Certainly not from their older sisters who are usually very unaware of such things themselves! Little ones have the ability to make you laugh and laugh...they're so cute! :)

    Ooh...enjoy the rainy weather and possible in South Africa it is so dry right now and just up the road there have been major WINTER! We are praying for rain!!

    Happy your blog, Bonnie!

    1. Awwww, and you make my day and put a smile on my face with your fabulously sweet comments. You're such a blessing.

      I know, right! Little ones come up with some hilarious things! We keep a 'quote' book of all the funny things they say. I'm a bit worried for my 21st, to be honest, because there are some pretty embarrassingly funny ones that I've said when I was younger. Lol.

      Wow, major fires in winter! That's crazy. Will definitely be praying for your country.

      Thank you for the happy Friday! Have a splendifirous (sp?) weekend.

  7. This was fun to read! I related to so many of your awkward moments - like mixing up words. Once when I was out canvassing (sharing Christian books door-to-door) instead of saying I was part of a small group of young people, I said I was with a group of small young people. I think it gave the guy I said it to some laughs. :P And the watching siblings read blog posts - you described that well. I always hear about how I worded my posts too. :)

    And yes to people watching, and hello Frania! (I like your name, by the way!)

    1. Thank you, Jessica! Oh my, that's hilarious. Small young people.... :P That would have been embarrassing for you at the time though!
      Thank you for your comment! Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Hahahaha this is so funny! I just found your blog and I love it so much :) can't wait to read more! xx


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