Wednesday, 18 February 2015


It's been a while since I was tagged in a tag or blog award so I was quite pleasantly surprised to be tagged by Sarah in the 'You are amazing and so is your blog' award.

Thanks! :)

The Questions:

Do you ever run out to get the mail?
Sometimes. It's not anyone's job as such, it just gets done by whoever. It's quite fun bringing in the mail. Even more fun when you discover a letter for you.

Do you like cold or warm?
Cold or warm what?? Lol. Depends what it is. If it's icecream, I like cold. If it's the weather or a hot pudding, I like warm.

Do you like playing around doing different do's with you hair, or are you the kind of person to keep it the same?
I have a bunch of hairstyles that I do. Each day I generally just leave it out long or pick one. I also very much enjoy experimenting on other people (my sisters!) as well.

Have you ever wondered how many times you have said the same word in your life?
Yes, I have! Some words I say a lot more than others... It would be interesting to know the exact numbers. A bit mind-boggling though.

Do you write?
I do write; generally diary entries, poems and the occasional short story.

What is your favorite thing to cook?
Curried eggs.

If you were snow bound all winter, what would you do for activities/keeping warm?
We don't get much snow where I live. It's a big event if it snows. If I did ever get snowbound, however, I would put on lots of warm clothes and play lots of card games.

Are you a changing person, or a person who likes things to stay the same?
I don't really like change. It's something that I'm working on with the Lord's help at the moment! I like to know everything is going to stay the same, however I'm learning that change itself isn't scary. It can be an adventure.

Do you like drawing your own drawings, or would you rather use a coloring page? 
It's so much more fun to design your own drawing than to colour in someone else's! Besides, aren't colouring pages for younger children?! I like drawing my own drawings. I'm very particular when it comes to drawing. My favourite medium is pencil, I do sketches on A4 white paper. :) I love drawing but I don't do it hugely often. 

I'm not going to tag anyone or think up any of my questions because I don't think I know of enough bloggers who answer tags. But if you are reading this and you'd like to give it a go, by all means do it. :) I would suggest answering the questions I was asked.

Have a great!
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  1. Awesome answers! They were fun to read. :D haha, I agree on the last one. It's really fun to draw your own, it's must easier with pencils as well. :D


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