Friday, 8 November 2013

Rain, Secrets, Christmas and Puzzling Matters

Rain outside our garage through the eyes of  a red bucket. 

Ben is making the bookshelves and fireplace for the "Ssh! It's a Secret!" project. :) Isn't he a wonderful craftsman?

The roof for said project

Pink and white rhododendrons in the rain

Yup... you guessed it! Another puzzle. Yay!

My Christmas decorations

My duck all dressed up :) 

Sophie's row of soft toys with Santa hats.

Danella and Sophie's tinsel tree on their dresser. Those candy canes are really easy to make. I should so do a tutorial sometime on them. What do you think?


  1. "through the eyes of a red bucket." Hmm...that might make an interesting story starter sometime. :)

    How can you build a puzzle on the floor with the size family you have? I have a hard time getting one done on my desk without it being broken up...but maybe that's because I don't work on it for days on end. :)

    Those soft toys with Santa hats are SO cute! :)

    (btw--I really enjoyed this post. :))

    1. Well... building a puzzle on the floor in the middle of a big family is quite a challenge! What we generally end up doing is starting it in a bedroom (usually the one I sleep in because it's the Guest Room so we don't have lots of clothes in there so people don't really go into there that often) and just doing it in there with the door shut.

      We do find that they get mysteriously broken up sometimes... but in a big family you really have to expect that!!! lol :) It usually takes us 2-5 days of work to do each puzzle (with three of us helping usually, sometimes other family members will join in) depending on how big the puzzle is and how long we spend on it.

      I'm glad you enjoyed this post, Esther! It's always lovely to learn that someone actually enjoys reading what I write :) :)


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