Friday, 10 July 2015

A + A // I Name Stuff

I know I did an A+A post quite recently, but I feel like you deserve another good laugh. And trust me, I'm sure you'll get a couple of good laughs out of the awkward things I've managed to accomplish this week!

- Discovering that someone you've known for a while is a totally different age than you thought they were.
- Being picked up by Lydia's friend's Mum to take Lydia and me to ballet. She was running late, so Lydia and me were standing outside waiting for her. A car pulled up in the driveway and I was like, "Oh Lydia, they're here!" even though I was slightly confused because a gentleman got out of the car. I just assumed it was Lydia's friend's Mum's husband (can it get any more complicated than this? yup! Keep reading!) and opened the back door of the car and started to get in. While I was doing this, I noticed Lydia's friend's Mum pulling up in her car on the other side of the street..... I was getting into the car of some people who were dropping off a wee dog that we are to look after for a few weeks.
- Those awkward times when it's like five minutes before you're going out somewhere, and you're all ready to go, and you don't want to sit still and do nothing and so waste time, but you don't really have time to do anything worthwhile.
- When you can't make something work, and tell someone else it's jammed, and they come over and show you the really simple reason why it won't work.
- People hiding behind things and jumping out at you. (I'm not going to say that I've never done this myself, however.)
- When you're walking along and you see walking towards you an acquaintance you don't know very well. They suddenly notice you and start waving and racing towards you as fast as they can. You are a wee bit surprised because they don't normally act this thrilled to see you! But you smile and wave and walk a bit faster to meet them. Then they come level with you, still waving and smiling (with you waving and smiling back), pass you, and give a massive hug to someone who had been walking behind you.

- Little dogs who snuggle up on your bed at night. Better than a hot water bottle. :)
- Little dogs in general. The dog we're looking after is a bichon. Seriously guys, google image search 'bichon dogs'. You will be OVERWHELMED by the utter cuteness. (yeah, I know, and we get to look after one of these little bundles of fluffiness... try not to feel too jealous, will you?)
- Friends who ring you and chat with you for ages.
- Naming things. (Is it weird that I have fond names for some of my random possessions?? Please tell me it isn't. I love naming random stuff. Don't laugh, but I have four freckles on my left cheek, and they've all got names.)
- Fluffy warm knitted socks. I've even got a photo of them.

- Beautiful writing paper with flowers and butterflies and encouraging Bible verses. I mean, who wouldn't like receiving a lovely long letter from me on paper like that?!
- When your workmate who is supposed to be relieving you at work turns up an hour late so you have to work an hour longer. It's just so good to be on the other end of the awkward sometimes.
- Danella's random stir fries. She puts a whole lot of really different stuff into the frying pan, chucks in some spices and things, stirs it round for a bit, then dishes it up for lunch. And it is actually usually really good.
- Accomplishing a perfect parallel park while driving. Such a good feeling. I feel like my driving is perhaps improving, albeit slowly.
- Wrapping up presents in pretty printed paper and lots of ribbon and bows. Yay for ribbon and bows. I don't know how I would cope if I didn't have such a big family with lots of birthdays and Christmases to wrap presents for! It's so weird, but wrapping presents is like one of my biggest joys in life. :P
- Listening to someone sing when they think they're by themselves. ;)
- Discovering a book of Helen Steiner Rice's poems in my drawer that I didn't know I had... Going to go sit down with it and a hot drink. Excuse me for a minute while.
- The combination of really sharp pencils and paper that hasn't been used yet and is still nice and fresh and clean.

Okey dokey, I should probably stop here.... I feel like I could keep going and going with the awesomes. Happy thought that I'll have lots of a+a posts coming up in the future to write awesomes for! There are so many wonderful little things in life.

Do you name random stuff? Is it weird that I do?
What's the most awkward thing that has happened to you this week?
Are you a sucker for cute little dogs (or animals in general?)
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  1. aw that smiling and waving one sounds soo awkward.. haha I love these posts they're soo light hearted and it's good to know other people get awkward moments frequently as well. My awkward moment was forgetting a third of the butter for the brownies I was making at work this week (read 500g) and it stayed in the microwave overnight and solidified so when I found it I didn't realise what it was from until I was like ahh that's why the brownies were so dry. It was pretty funny and awkward at the same time

    1. yep, trust me, it was. :P I enjoy these posts too! They're fun to write.
      That sounds very awkward! How embarrassing to do something like that work. Good on you for laughing about it! :) God bless!

  2. Was the smiling and waving at the Rosie Boom thingie by any chance? And I'm keen to know what the names of your freckles are!

    1. No, it wasn't... it was just on the street! :) And well um this is sort of awkward, because my freckles don't have terribly imaginative names... they're all in a row, so I named them (quite a few years ago, I might add) Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. I know. I should rename them.


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