Saturday, 31 May 2014

Something for Saturday

Well it's Saturday here (I'm guessing it's probably Saturday where you are, too, unless you're like on the other side of the world or something) and we're doing normal (ish) Saturday things. 

I went around taking lots of photos of the family doing their Saturday things but then the computer went all grumpy on me and only one of the photos managed to get uploaded! So I went to upload that one photo to my blog, but the server rejected it. (Don't ask me what happened there. I don't know.) So there isn't any lovely Saturday photos for you today, I'm sorry to report!

Anyway..  you may have wondered at my absence over the past week. From Monday to Friday (yesterday) Abbie and I were at a 5 day Bible camp about 2 hours south from where we live, called Jumpstart. It was amazing. I did schedule two posts for the week though, so you weren't completely abandoned and forgotten. :) 

And while I was away I had my birthday. I can now report that I am a whole year older than I was and able to sit my learner's licence. (That feeling of awesomeness!)

This morning Danella made me a sponge cake and this afternoon I iced it. Hopefully it kinda looks something like this cake.

Anyway, as I was saying, Jumpstart was amazing. Absolutely awesome. Incredible. I learnt so much about God, the Bible, my friends... even myself. I'm hoping soon to write a couple of posts about some of the awesome stuff we got taught in class during the week.

I've spent this morning writing thank-you notes for my birthday presents, reading one of my birthday books, trying to wade through some of my emails that I've got stacked up from last week when I didn't have internet access, writing facebook thank-you messages to my leaders at Jumpstart, helping clean the house, unpacking my stuff a bit, looking at all the photos of Jumpstart and showing the Jumpstart movie (it's got all the best photos in it plus some hilarious footage of the talent night) to my family. 

Oh, and eating birthday chocolate. 

How have you spent your Saturday so far?


  1. I've been sorting out my 21st birthday party which is happening tomorrow!

    1. Exciting much! :) Yes, I heard about that. Sadly we can't come because of other commitments, but have a happy birthday and fun playing games.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! :)

    I had ballet classes all day (as usual) and then my friend and I did a fun photoshoot {of dance poses, of course! :) }

    Love ~*Chantelle*~

    1. Haha thank you Chantelle! :) Wow, you are really into your ballet, aren't you!! Sounds like fun.


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