Friday, 12 June 2015

Tour of my Bedroom

So I was thinking that maybe, since most of my blog readers don't know me personally, it might be kind of fun to do a sort of 'tour of my bedroom', in photos, so that you all get to see where I sleep and study. There are quite a few little personal knick-knacks and random things in my room that I'd like to show you. :)

So firstly, I just want to clarify exactly what my room is. It is our guest room. We don't have guests too often, so I've personalized it somewhat, but when we do, I get kicked out. :P We don't all have our own rooms! Most of us share, and it's only been in recent times that I've been shifted to my 'own' room. Besides, the bed in this room is dusty and gives most of my family members hay fever if they sleep in it. I'm not affected by it so guess who sleeps in it. :P

This is my desk. It stands in the right hand corner of my room. This is where I do all of my studying, and you'll most likely find me at it if you come by our house on a weekday morning! On the floor by the desk is my work backpack, with my uniform in it, and my cycling gear, for biking to work twice a week. 

Closeup of what's on the desk. The cross stitch was made by Sophie and says, "Hang in there". I love the picture. :) The blue thingy on the left is a birthday present from a friend, it's a 'desktop fishing set' and has a lot of little fish-shaped paper clips. I think it's kinda cute. The papers on my desk don't normally live there and I nearly took them off for the photo, but then left them on in the end because I wanted to show you that my room is most definitely not always completely tidy! I'm human too... 

This framed poem sits on the wall above my desk. Mum wrote it for me when I was born. It's a name acrostic. I treasure it immensely... it's very special to me! The butterfly on the frame is actually a hair accessory I think, but I like it on the frame and think it looks cool. It goes with the room decorations, which is mostly why it's there.

Here we have my windowsill. From left we have my rock collection, a framed rabbit etching I did yonks ago, and my four wee dogs.

On the right of the dogs is my name sign. Johnny made it for me out of popsicle sticks and gave it to me a wee while ago.

And here is a close up of my dogs. Well, I say dogs, but the second one from the right is actually supposed to be a white tiger cub, I think. I included him with the dogs because he's cute. :P I used to know the names of them all, and I feel terrible that I've forgotten them!! The only name I remember is Max... he's the black one on the right, and my favourite, hence why I remember what I named him.

My rock collection. I picked them all up on various family holidays. I'm  no rock expert, I just like the look of them. The far left one is all shiny. The second-from left one is my favourite because it's in the shape of a heart... I just think that's so cool! One of my brothers gave it to me. The second-from-right one is shiny on the inside, you can't see from looking down at it. The far right one is obsidian and has glassy bits on it.

My little stool beside my bed. I have a few books on it that I'm reading at the moment. I've also got my torch, lip balm and alarm clock. Above the stool on the dresser is the due dates for my law course progress reviews. I see them every time I get up and go to bed and it reminds me when I'm supposed to be handing them in.

On top of my dresser now. Wow, there's a lot of stuff isn't there!!

We'll start from the left and work our way over, shall we?? :) On the far left is my desk calendar that got given to me by someone, can't remember who! I change it each day and it reminds me of the date. Behind it is my red panda Perry, and on his left (our right) is my soft toy spaniel, Ezekiel. I've had him since I was very young. He holds a very special place in my heart. ;)

Moving right along. In the foreground are my three painted stones. Far left is one I purchased quite a few  years ago. Middle is one Danella painted for me a few months ago at my request, and I wrote the words on the front and my favourite Bible verse on the back. Far right is one that one of my younger siblings painted. Behind the stones are two china figures, a bird and a rabbit, that sit on my dresser for some random reason.

And here we have my wee miniature trophy and piece of paua. The paua I found on a recent trip down south. I'm hoping to make it into a key ring tag one day, but I haven't gotten round to it  yet. 

And the trophy. (A close up because I'm proud of it!) I made it myself. The body is actually out of a torch that gave up. The handles are tin foil, rolled up tightly and squished into shape. Then I hot glued the whole thing together. It used to look better, but one of the  handles fell off so I reglued it and then it looked a bit funny. Oh well. 

Some of my (many) soft toys. Top is my teddy bear, Theodore. Next is a duck my grandparents gave me for Christmas many, many years ago. His name is Christopher. In his lap sits my netball umpiring whistle. You can't see her properly, but next to Christopher is my little hand sewn rabbit, who I need to find the time to finish sewing (she doesn't have feet or a proper hat yet) and haven't named yet. If you want to see her, scroll back up to the photo of my entire dresser top. She is right in the centre there.

And here is my whistle. Well actually it's a bullet shell a friend gave me, and taught me how to use it to whistle. It's hiding at the back of my dresser which is why I took a separate photo of it. It's actually really cool.

Back to the desk. Next to that is the mirror/wardrobe, and next to that is a random painting we found in some random place.

And (last picture, thank goodness!) here is the back of my door. I wanted to show you all the flowers I have on it. They are cut out of an old calendar. The picture on the wall is a print of one an artist painted, we visited his gallery a few years ago. And underneath that is all my law course textbooks and papers and stuff.
Whew, that was a rather long post! It was almost too long for one post, but not long enough to break into two sections and post separately. Oh well. You made it through. Congratulations!!
What lives in your bedroom? Do you tend to collect and display random knick knacks and things?
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  1. Thanks for doing this room tour Bonnie! I tend to collect things, but I just did spring cleaning, so my room is nice and clean! :) And I love books so much, I converted a small toy box to a bookshelf. ;)
    Do you love reading?

    1. Ah, spring cleaning! It's good, isn't it! Such a good feeling to have a clean room. I LOVE books and reading. At the moment I'm excited about reading a book I've been wanting to read for AGES but I hadn't found it.. then we were at a conference this weekend and they were selling it! Score! It's 'The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life' by Hannah Whitall Smith. So excited about reading it.


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