Saturday, 14 February 2015

A + A // My Terrible Sense Of Direction + Valentine's Day

- Shopping with my Mum at a big second hand clothing shop, just browsing through a rack. Saw something that looked like it might be suitable for what I had in mind so I pulled it out and held it up. Mum and I both gasped (quite loudly) simultaneously, "Oh! Perfect!" Then another lady who was quite near to us looked at us and smiled and Mum and I looked at each other and had a bit of a giggle. It was quite funny.
- Becoming well known for my terrible sense of direction.
- When you're at work and your customers are in a big, big queue. They finally get to the front of the line only to decide they don't have a clue what they want to order. Like, seriously? Dear sir or madam, couldn't you have decided what you wanted while you were waiting?
- When I saw someone I hadn't seen for two months and their voice sounded different to how I remembered it. It was deeper and sounded a little raspier than I thought it did. I wondered about it for a while before mentioning it. Turned out they had a cold and their voice was just croaky.
- When your feet are bare in the house. And someone else is wearing heavy shoes. And they stand on your toes.
- When you spend literally AGES putting your hair up in bobby pins before bed so you will have curly hair in the morning, but go to bed and decide you can't sleep because it's too uncomfortable. So you yank out all those hundreds of bobby pins (yeah, it's only a small exaggeration - there were rather a lot) and undo all those curls you spent yonks doing. And sleep. And wake up to straight hair in the morning. :( Bit disappointing really!

- The new family tradition we have of sharing funny stories about our day around our dinner table. Great family memories and lots of laughs are had.
- Hearing cicadas chirping away outside. Because we live in a semi-new-ish subdivision (15 or so years old) we're only just starting to get cicadas. It's lovely hearing them.
- When everyone does the dishes together. It gets done so much faster!
- Decorating my room for Valentine's Day. I must confess something here, folks. I love decorating my room and any excuse will do! It's so much fun. :) Oh, and while we're on the subject....

- Palindromic dates. So satisfying.
- When Jana is making little cooing noises to herself and you come up beside her and start copying her cooing noises. She starts laughing as hard as she can while still trying to coo. It's hilarious!
- Researching a bunch of heart hairstyles for Valentine's Day and getting to practice them all on Lydia. I should take some photos of them to show you, shouldn't I, because some of them turned out really good.
- The smell of double delight roses...

Are you doing anything for Valentine's Day?
What is your favourite smell in all the world?
Do you have a good sense of direction?
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  1. Something seems to be missing from the Awesome section: having a valentine :P
    I've never had one, so I don't mind much.
    Favourite smell? Good food cooking, like cake or fries!
    I think my sense of direction is average.

  2. I have an odd sense of direction where four particular directions all seem the same no matter where I am. I think it's aligned towards the four points of the compass, but I have yet to see if that is true. A few rooms skew that sense, but I think it's generally north-south-east-west.


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